Youreka’s ‘Simply Do Nothing Holiday’ In Sitlakhet

While visiting a new place, we are busy making itineraries and deciding the things that we want to do at that destination. After planning, booking and spending a lot of money we set the journey hoping that it turns out to be a memorable one. My trip to Sitlakhet was different from the usual as I was invited by Youreka to a camp site – Youreka Pinewood Cliff located 30 kms ahead of Ranikhet in Uttarakhand.

Staying in tents at 7000 meters above sea level facing the Himalayas, the surroundings were peaceful and surreal. My fear of unclean toilets and dirty rooms changed to sheer happiness when I entered the clean washroom and tent.

There wasn’t any itinerary that was to be followed. I was my own boss and could do whatever I wanted to or simply do nothing and sit by the trees and hear the birds chirping all day long. After lazing around at the camp for a day, the next day a few other journalists and I decided to trek till the Siyahi Devi Temple. On our way back from the temple, we even stopped and played with children in a school that was located a few meters away from the temple.

We did several activities for the next few days such as rappelling, mountain climbing and night trek. The highlight of the trip was the night trek where we had to follow Youreka’s camp leader and be very quiet so that we do not disturb the animals. After walking for 20 minutes in the jungle, we climbed on a rock where we could see all the villages in Kumaon district and above us was the sky lit with stars. It was truly an unforgettable moment when I stood on the rock, cold wind blew against my face and at that moment I was ready to fly!

As we returned to the camp, every day there was a new menu prepared by the cook . The cook prepared delicious Chinese, Italian, North Indian and all the dishes that other journalists and I used to talk about. Yes, the staff was overhearing our food conversations!

Youreka truly offers extraordinary holidays where one can unwind and rejuvenate from the monotonous old life. It is an apt destination to visit with family and friends. A three nights and two days package inclusive of six buffet meals, accommodation on twin sharing basis and two activities costs INR 5250. For more information, click here.

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