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Winter Road Trip From Delhi To Kasauli Hills, Shimla, Dalhousie And Amritsar

I have never really had the guts to step out in winters living in Delhi all my life. That’s also because I detest winters! Vacation for me during winters is to go to coastal destinations but never have I ever thought about going to the hills where the temperature is much lower than Delhi. Leaving my comfort zone and tempted by the idea of being in the snow and looking at the snow clad mountains while holding a cup of hot coffee, I thought let’s do this! I set on a road trip from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh and Punjab with a friend.

Going to Kasauli Hills was a very good idea as Kasauli was just 30 minutes away and Shimla was 3 hours away from The Fern Surya Resort where we were staying for two nights. We started the road trip from Delhi on a cold winter morning at 9 am and it took us 6 hours to reach Kasauli Hills. After reaching at 3 pm, the plan was to rest and enjoy the resort.

honda amaze, Road trip from Delhi

On the second day we decided to leave for Shimla post lunch. We took the local bus to Shimla that costed Rs.123 per person and took 3.5 hours to reach as the bus stopped for washroom break at Solan. The bus dropped us at the old bus station from where we had to take another bus that left us to the starting of the mall road. (Instead of taking this bus, you could check with other busses to drop you at the lift from where you will directly reach the mall road. Our walk to the mall road was very long). We strolled, clicked pictures and ate momos at the mall road and later took the bus again to reach our hotel at 11 pm.

shimla, Road trip from Delhi

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We checked out from the Fern Surya Resort around 9 am, the next morning and were ready for an 8 hour drive to reach Dalhousie via Pathankot. The highway was a delight and the drive was extremely smooth in my friend’s Honda Amaze. On the Chandigarh – Baddi Highway after every 100 metres we spotted vendors selling oranges and orange juice. We couldn’t resist ourselves from stopping at one of the stalls to try the juice as the oranges looked quite tempting! The juice had no added sugar and it tasted delicious and was totally worth taking a break from driving.

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We also spotted a food court on the way that had Burger King, Mr.Sub and Chicago Pizza where we stopped to grab a bite before travelling non stop for the next 3 hours to reach Dalhousie. There were no snow clad mountains in Dalhousie but it was freezing cold! We reached our hotel – Dalhousie Heights at 8 pm and had no energy to step out. The next day we headed straight to the snow point where we learnt how to ski and played with the snow till our feet and hands were completely numb!

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After exploring Dalhousie’s mall road, we crashed at our hotel early because the next day we were going to be driving for 12 hours! Amritsar is 4 hours away from Dalhousie so that is where we were headed next. We reached the Golden Temple around 1 pm the next day. After eating langar at the Gurudwara, we pushed off for Delhi.

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We hit Delhi exactly at 1 pm and were tired beyond words could tell! Even though it was a very long drive, we enjoy even bit of this road trip with our favourite songs playing. This road trip was 4 nights and 5 days long, covering and let me tell you that the highway is smooth and spectacular especially when you enter Punjab!

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