When I Closed My Eyes

What makes a relationship break? Do feelings die or ego takes over the heart? Here is another heartbroken reader who tells us how he promised to take care of her but left her mid-way.

I close my eyes, I remember those times,
When you’d stare at me, and how I’d smile, You’d hold me so gently, I thought I’d cry. A happy silence, I felt you were mine.

I close my eyes, I remember those times,
Two lonely souls, how we felt drawn.
Those fairy tale moments, at dusk and dawn,
My search had ended, I felt so calm.

I miss the cute faces you’d make when I’d pull your leg,
The way you’d ruffle my hair, then pat me on my head,
The way you’d lift me with one hand, our walks in the rain,
But you were so confused, and it drove me so insane.

I close my eyes, I remember those times,
When you’d hold my hands, and clutch them so tight,
Thought if I’d ever leave, you’d put surely up a fight,
Wouldn’t let me drift away so easily from your sight.

I don’t know what to think, no longer know what was true,
Did I fall into love just when you were about through?
Did you like the idea of me more than what you got?
Realised that I wasn’t quite what you had sought?

Or was I making you weak, and so you got scared,
That I caught you off guard, and you weren’t prepared?
I wanted closeness, you built up so much distance,
Kept frightening me with all your resistance,
And, yes, I ran…

You pulled me so close, why did you let me go that day?
When I got scared and left, couldn’t you tell me to stay?
You knew I would.
You know I will.

I broke your walls, and now I feel broken,
Wish you could hear what was never spoken,
Once in a while offer simple reassurance,
That as long as we wanted each other we’d make it through.

Sometimes I feel it was just a shield, the coldness you’d display,
So despite these tears, I still wait with hope for that day,
When the knight behind unneeded armor comes to grab my hand,
And whispers to his princess, softly, he can finally understand.

When he, too, closes his eyes and remembers the time,
When she said she gave up on finding love, defeated in her quest,
And then he told her she could trust him, that he’d give it his best,
That he’d take good care of her, wouldn’t hurt her like the rest…

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