Wendy’s Makes Its Way To The Millennium City- Gurgaon

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The moment you enter Wendy’s, the most striking bit about the ambience is that it does not feel like a fast food restaurant at all. It has more of a premium American diner feel with its subtle dark interiors laced with stone and woodwork.

Now on to the real business, the food! Wendy’s sure knows the demands of an Indian consumer and it was pleasing to see as many vegetarian options as there are non-vegetarian on the menu. On the vegetarian side, there are multiple paneer-based burgers such as the Paneer Salsa(Rs.119), Ultimate Paneer (Rs.139) and Paneer Pesto Salad(Rs. 149). In addition to the elaborate paneer menu, there is Cheesy Mushroom(Rs. 119), Spinach N’ Corn (Rs.89)and Greek Falafel burgers (Rs.99). We ordered the Cheesy Mushroom burger thinking that we will get a topping of mushrooms in the burger but there wasn’t any topping and instead the entire patty is made from mushrooms which is a first for us! On the non-vegetarian side, apart from the usual chicken and mutton fare, it was nice to see some bacon, which is a rather uncharted territory for American burger chains in India (McDonalds and Burger King have totally ignored it). Apart from the burgers themselves, they have some sides and drinks as well.

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We managed to try the Cheesy Mushroom burger, the Baconator(Rs. 199), the Smoky Chipotle Burger (Rs.129) as well as the Ghost Chili burger (Rs. 149). Overall, the quality of the burgers was much better than other fast food joints. The burgers packed more punch, the quality of the buns were far more superior and the use of in-house sauces rather than using just the standard ketchup and mayonnaise made the burgers really interesting. We enjoyed the Baconator and Smoky Chipotle Burger the most! The Cheesy Mushroom was little underwhelming as it had a peculiar sweetness to it. The Ghost chili burger was delicious but a little too hot for our palette but considering the high tolerance of heat for Indians, we don’t think it should be a problem for most! The drinks we had, Cucumber Fizz (Rs.89) and Watermelon Cooler (Rs.89) were truly refreshing and must haves! The third drink we tried, Cherry Cola (Rs. 89), did not have enough cherry in it. However, the manager Jasper was kind enough to spruce it up and told us that he was testing the amount of cherry syrup to be put in which we really appreciated!

It does not end here! We also managed to try their Banana and Caramel Frosty (Rs. 79), which is essentially vanilla ice cream with some hot banana caramel poured over. If you like banana, you are sure to enjoy this one!

All in all, it was a great experience and while we went in expecting fast food, what we got was way better! Wendy’s may have some loose ends to tie like the Cheesy Mushroom burger but it is definitely here to stay and we are definitely going back for more!

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