Uber Cool Luxurious Must Haves For Your Home

Indulgence is a wise man’s play, especially when it comes to picking up or choosing just the right options for your home. It’s also what sets a plush home apart from just a rich looking home. Prosperity does not lie merely in choice then, it lies in taste as well.

The eye for detail, a little tinge of colour, a little bent of design or simply the way something fits against a wall corner could do the trick for your home. Transforming the way your home looked was never this easy, especially when you have all to spare to give it the classy edge it deserves.

Super Showers

It’s probably amusing to begin a comprehensive list of luxurious items for a home, with the bathroom, but you will know as you read on, that this is sheer indulgence at its best like no other. For some of us, the bathroom is the favourite part of our house. It is where we set ourselves free and detoxify, at so many levels. It is the one place where you can just be and simply breathe for a few moments in the day. It takes the lid off in a very essential and huge way. The best part about being here is that there are a lot of things that you could do, which don’t require you to follow a set of rules.


Showers are some of the best ways to simply relax. For those who love being hauled up in the wet space of the bathroom with sprinkles of water streaming down their skin for as long as it takes, your dream just caught on with reality! There are a multitude of showers, shower fittings and plumbings, which can be maiden made for your bathroom to help you relax in a grand way.

They come in a single set or an individual fitment for each. Getting spoilt with a gazillion showers to choose from – hand showers to body showers, and sprinklers placed at different points from the set of showers placed just at the perfect angles, you will never want to get out of this room.

Indulgent affairs have only just begun. This is the beginning and not the end, so napping after you’re through with a wonderful session with the most powerful healing element – water, would do you good. Consider where. There is but one place which is seriously the best, out of all the cosy pockets in your intimate space, even your splendid bathroom – The bedroom.

Super Soft Beddings And Satin

There is nothing complicated about this one. The very thought puts you into a dreamy state of wanting to simply lie on that bed and purr like a cat. This is a simple but delightful indulgence; one that cannot be described at all. It is that inexplicable. So we’re just going to leave it at that and look at our options. There are beddings with several layers which give a bounce to your bed like no other and some which come with a simple one-layer but are of the best quality and strike the perfect balance between too rough and too soft.

Once you’ve figured which bedding suits you best, it’s time to figure the sheets. Why satin you would wonder? When there are quite a few other fabrics which do the trick for your absolute comfort even better or just as fine? Well, since we are talking about finesse and satin in the same breath then, it would be fair to simply say, if there was a marker or a yardstick for satin, it would stand notches above even that. Such is the beauty and the finesse with which it works for a bedroom.

If you’re looking for midnight beauty or morning glory accomplices then you’ll find a perfect spot to find them. They lie right beside you – some carefully selected embroidered or printed cushions, or some soft linen padded ones. While you tuck them under your chin or cheek or hug them like they were you best mates ever, also consider some throws. The soft fine fur of some of these throws will literally make you feel like you’ve made Cloud 9 you’re official address.

The Wondrous Kitchenette In The Living Space

Again, who is the elephant in the room? That’s a question which can differ at various points of time based on how you choose to use this space. A huge living space with a kitchenette maybe a whole ground Western idea in your head, but if you manage to see the light behind it, it will work out well for you too. The idea is to simply merge the two conscientious ideas of eating and living together. The need to constantly romp about from the kitchen to the living space to first prepare and then eat or indulge goes away with the adaption of this model.

You could choose the slab or the couch chairs, teak wood long chairs or bar stools, based on however you choose to fashion your furniture and cabinets, going by the theme you like the most.The best part about the kitchenette system is that there is no need to have a compulsive exhaust within the same space hereafter. A good chimney arrangement which is broad and sleek at the same time will simply do the trick like no other.

These luxurious arrangements do not simply add the glamour quotient to your home space, they also make your home the go-to destination for you for all times sake. For all you know, it might turn out to be the best vacation you took, ever. Enjoy your fresh salad on the bar stools, while you wait for your chicken breast to cook up and cork open a bottle of wine then, and let the good times roll!

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