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Top 10 Things In Daman 

Accessible easily to those in Mumbai and Gujarat, Daman often ends up being a great destination to unwind at, especially because it is a Union Territory, which means you don’t have to worry about booze being off limits. Beaches, breeze, beer. Daman is a great station for rejuvenation, and here are top ten things in Daman that you ought to do.

1. Poolside Dinner At The Deltin

Deltin hotel in Daman

Regardless of whether you are with a significant other or a group of close buddies, a poolside dinner date at The Deltin is something you have to add to your to do list. You’ll love the classy dinner experience you have.

2. Spa At The Deltin

If you are in Daman to de-stress yourself, then a spa is definitely the perfect remedy. The Deltin has a variety of spas, including Asian and European treatments, to help you feel fantastic and recharged.

3. Lazing Around At Devka Beach

If beaches are your thing, also add Devka Beach to your list, if you have some extra time!

4. Watch A Single Screen Movie

Try to experience a few things like the locals do, for a more wholesome Daman experience. We recommend going for a movie with the locals at one of the single screens.

5. Go For A Heritage Walk

Speaking of experiencing Daman like a local, you have to go for a heritage walk around town, simply letting the local vibe sink in.

6. Shack Time At Jampore Beach

Jampore Beach in daman

Enjoy the view of the beach, while sipping on some chilled beer or coconut water at one of the shacks at Jampore Beach. You’ll feel all calm and at peace inside.

7. Take A Boat Ride At The Mirasol Lake Garden

If you love being surrounded by nature, you will like Mirasol Lake Garden. There are also activities for kids, in case you are traveling with children, like a toy train and boat ride.

8. Visit The Bom Jesus Cathedral

If you have a slightly spiritual side or appreciate good architecture, you will love visiting Cathedral of Bom Jesu; you’ll remember Old Goa churches! And, the church is in Daman Fort, so you can click some nice pics here!

9. Pig Out At Spice Galleon

If you taste buds are longing for some international flavors, then head on down to Spice Galleon at Old Beach Resort and also enjoy their beach-facing open-air seating.

10. Head To St. Jerome Fort

A river facing fort, with a church, cemetery, school and statues – what more could you ask for in one location?

Indeed, there are plenty of things to do in Daman if you are heading there for a fun weekend stay, regardless of whether you want to relax or actually explore tourist spots.



*This is a promotional feature for The Deltin

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