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This Is The Only Checklist You Need To Plan A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Weddings are so much fun when you are a guest attending the ceremony. But when it comes to organising and planning a wedding, it gets stressful. One easily gets panic attacks thinking about what to do and how to begin planning for the big day. From finalising the wedding vendors to ensuring that everything is just the way you want it to be for your big day, let’s get real and say that it’s not easy to plan a big fat Indian wedding! Whether you are two or six months away from your wedding date, you need an ultimate checklist that puts your wedding woes away.

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1. Make A Budget

While it is easy to make a budget, the difficult part is to stick to it. Make sure that both the families sit together and decide the number of functions you want and the maximum amount you would be spending for it. Keeping the budget in mind, you have to start making arrangements.

2. Book The Venues

After deciding the total number of functions you want and the guest list, start booking venues well in advance. Make sure that you take at least 10-12 rooms at the venue just for the immediate family members to crash at after the function gets over.

3. Get In Touch With Event Planners

We think that we will be able to manage everything on our own and that is exactly where things go wrong. Do your research and meet event planners who you think understand your taste and fit well in your budget. Most event planners not only take care of the decoration of the functions but also provide you with a professional team of choreographers, cinematographers, makeup artist et al. Work on a contract with your event planner that clearly mentions what are all will they be providing you with.

 4. Get Your Vendors Ready

In case the event planner does not help you with wedding vendors, then start looking for the best ones available in your city. You will need candid photographers, cinematographers, choreographers, trousseau packing and favour packing vendors and mehendi vendors, pundit for the rituals, makeup artist etc. Book everyone well in advance and make sure that you get in touch with 5-6 vendors before finalising on one.

 5. Select Your Wedding Card

Make a short and quick visit to places where you get a lot of designs for wedding card. Or if you know what you want, then ask the printer to replicate the design and deliver the final cards to you.

6. Start Shopping

Since you would know the number of functions you have for your wedding, pick outfits accordingly. Some couples like coordinating their wedding outfits so, make sure that you and your partner go shopping together when you are finalising your outfits. Once the outfits are ready, you need to shop for accessories and in the end you could do your trousseau shopping.

7. Make A Kick Ass Playlist For Your Mehendi/Sangeet Ceremony

The DJ would be playing a lot of latest track on your function but making your own playlist for the function will not only make you enjoy your own function even more but you will be happiest to hear your favourite tracks playing one after the other.

8. Plan Your Visit To The Salon

Salons offer some great packages for couples. Book your visit to the salon in advance so that on those dates you can sit back and relax while the salon does their job of grooming you for D-day.


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