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This Is How Some Of The Most Iconic Attires Came In To Existence

Ever wondered what started off that flair to flaunt and wear? That trench coat, bandanna, that favourite pair of jeans, those linen trousers, that little black dress or that mountain watch. The point is, most of us don these iconic attires every now and then, in our everyday lives, based on the swing of the season or sometimes plain beyond reason. But they have come to be inspiring fashion wear, (some classics even for all times sake) from a global standpoint. Interestingly, they hail from different parts of the world and have come into existence the way they have, transpired from some very interesting stories or reasons. Here’s presenting some case studies which are sure to get you high and smiling on the “now I know how” factor.

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Blue Jeans And White Shirt

Needless to say, this is a very comfortable place to be in. It is minimalistic and will make you stand out, no matter how ordinary you might be feeling for the day. The appeal is understated, yet vibrant and suits everyone. Gender, class, age no bar. Probably one of the most unifying attires, its existence came by as a matter of sheer utility. Levi Strauss, a German immigrant in America, stitched pants from rough canvas material, as suggested by a gold prospector.

The pants were made to protect one from the cold, as also the fact that it would be sturdier to last in rough weather. Cowboys were often spotted wearing such pants as their lifestyle demanded so. Thereafter the label was born. As far as the white shirt combo with it goes, Marlon Brando made it an attire to reckon with in the movie ‘Wild One.’ This became the symbol that every urbanista and fashionista started adopting in America, which widely spread to other parts of the world very soon.

Quite a few designers even associate the trend flourishing later in Florence. There was often to be spotted a large congregation of people, in open terraces or parks, sporting the classiest of fashion fads in unison. Such was the timeless appeal of the classic that it hasn’t grown old ever since!

The Trench Coat

This one’s probably going to be a more astonishing revelation than the former. Did you know that the trench coat, literally got it’s working name from the purpose it was made to serve? The story goes as such.. A special type of coat was needed to be devised for soldiers who were fighting in the trenches during the World War I. This coat was adapted for military use and was exclusively made for the soldiers to protect them from bad weather and torrential rains while they served in the long pits, either defending or getting ready for attack.

Stylish and suave, it instantly gained recognition as a military conduit of fashion. Thomas Burberry, the famous designer, did some work on the original pattern of the trench coat, made it warmer and more durable. He found a way to develop a unique wool material by processing the wool in a specific manner, so as to make the coat untearable, more durable, water resistant and resistant to all other elements as well. He named the fabric gabardine.

Soon this transformed into modern rain wear attire that was reckoned with by one and all. This is infact how the label Burberry even got famous, after its trench coat maker, as military persons instantly started recalling the coat – a ‘Burberry.’ It was developed for the British military, and allied forces fighting against Germany. However, at the end of the first World War, the trench coat was introduced into civil markets and it was an instant hit with the masses. It’s forms and patterns have modernised over the years a lot, but one can always and always tell a trench coat apart!

The Little Black Dress

Think of the two women who made it an undying entity. Think Coco Chanel, followed by Audrey Hepburn. This is probably the one entity you will never see a girl doing away with from her wardrobe. Whether it is old or new, doesn’t make for any case scenario for the need or the necessity to want to do away with this priceless fashion police and accomplice in your wardrobe. All you have to do is simply put it on and you’re ready for any occasion, social gathering or a soiree.

The little black dress, aptly abbreviated as the LBD, came to be called so, owing to its miraculous property of making someone look like they are dressed up, by simply donning the attire. The dress was Coco Chanel’s maiden venture. She was instrumental in changing the face of fashion history by designing this simple but epic fashion statement. Something which would never grow old and continue to enliven the wardrobe of every generation as it were. And so it is!

This is how it all began.. Coco Chanel was a prolific fashion designer, who was constantly rebelling against established and accepted standards of women’s dressing during the World War era. Her line of couture clothing was a symbol of the same. With the little black dress, she was trying to give an aesthetic and a chic look to women’s clothing, which albeit remained simple.

The creation took the fashion world by a storm in 1926, when she published this creation in Vogue and there hasn’t been any looking back ever since for fashion’s favourite baby. Audrey Hepburn sealed its fate to simply keep captivating generation after generation, after her look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Ever since there has been no looking back.” This phrase probably sums up these iconic fashion fads, trends and styles. An urbanista and a fashionista would simply know for a fact that these are must-haves over all kinds of other must-haves in one’s closet. There is simply no way that one can dream of achieving the “fashionable look” without any of these, at some point or the other.


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