New Year’s Eve

7 Fun Things To Do With Your BFF On New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a fairly a commercial holiday. It only adds more pressure on single women to find suitors and that drama is so passé. You’re young, wild and free. If you can’t be Rebel Wilson from How to Be Single, then find someone who is. You know her, your BFF- with the devil-may-care attitude and absence for desperation of any kind. She’s the best company you’ve got now and the best company you will quite possible ever have. Cherish the time you spend with her this New Year’s Eve instead of whining about your loneliness on at least this day. Most New Year’s plans fall flat if too much thought is given to them. The key to a good New Year’s Eve is to KISS not literally but what it translates to – keep it simple and straightforward. With your best friend holding your hair, you’ve got it. Listed below are some activities you could undertake under the supervision of your not-so-timid best friend.

New Year’s Eve
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1. Go On A One Day Trip

It could be somewhere within six hours of drive from your place, or a flight ticket away. Depending on the quotient of wildness you’ve set in place for this event, you can choose your destination. If you just want to watch stars and listen to soft music, drinking beer then go to a small hill station. If you plan to go all out- take the first flight to Las Vegas or Bangkok.

2. Dance The Night Away

Now I’m not saying that the essence of the party lies in the amount of dancing that has been exhibited- but I’m implying so. If you wish to see a Jazz Musical festival, take out your car, call your best friend, dress al fancy and go. Do not wait or sit around for the perfect opportunity. It’s the last day of the year and if year hasn’t been great then this is your chance to wash it all away at a thumping party or at the music festival- your pick.

3. Be Each Other’s Wing Woman

And then ditch the fish you’ve caught. Go a little crazy. Stop playing safe. Strap on your shimmery, sexy dress and listen to your best friend applauding you and your greatness behind you as she snapchats your perfection. Then do the same for her. Why should boys have all the fun? Introduce each other to random strangers and talk each other up like queens.

4. Make Resolutions Together

Now I know most of them will fall through in a day but that’s what makes New Year’s Eve so special. Swear to each other that you’ll complete the 30 book-30 days challenge; that you’ll clean out your cupboard and make room for the new stuff; that you’ll volunteer at that NGO; that you’ll stop waiting for everything to happen on its own; that you’ll empower yourself a little more often and stop degrading your own worth because of men who don’t even care all that much. It’s important to resolve to do these things otherwise you’ll never bring them to your consciousness.

5. Go Wine Tasting

Bring out those fancy gowns that you bought from that store that one time- the ones you’ve been saving for something special. Well, this is that something special. Go taste some wine and pretend to know the difference between two wines whilst simultaneously getting drunk off them. Talk to strangers and laugh at your acute dearth of knowledge about wines. Then drink some more and make New Year’s Eve that one special night you and your BFF look back at and laugh like maniacs.

6. Rent Or buy Comedy Films And Watch Them All Night Long

There is nothing more fun than watching cult films with popcorns and that too with your best friend. You repeat the dialogues and laugh till you fall on the floor watching your favourite films. Laugh your way to the New Year hoping it continues till the end of the year.

7. Binge Eat On Your Favourite Food

To keep yourself in shape, you have been avoiding all that junk and your favourite food throughout the year. New Year’s Eve is the perfect day to binge eat and order for fried chicken or double cheese margarita pizza without feeling guilty about it. The best part about it is that you have your partner in crime right beside you giving you company.


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