The ultimate street shopping guide for mumbai

The Ultimate Street Shopping Guide For Mumbai

With constant change in trends and seasons our wardrobes need to be changed timely. Changes from ripped jeans to high wasted pants, crop tops to the cold shoulder, fashion is ever evolving and so should we. Shopping high end brands is something that we all love but it can be draining for the pocket. That’s when street shopping becomes your saviour! Street shopping is a boon for the fashion enthusiast, who live with the pages of Vogue. So if you are a shopping enthusiast living in Mumbai, we have an ultimate street shopping guide for you that will come handy the next time you roam on the streets to find the perfect outfit.

Know The Best Places 

With shops lined up at almost every corner in Mumbai,  street shopping can get a little tricky, as the feeling of “cheap” looking clothes is very off-putting! Knowing where to street shop is crucial and these are the places you need to visit.

The Ultimate Street Shopping Guide For Mumbai

1. Colaba Causeway, Fort

Colaba Causeway is the market of your dreams if you love accessories! Every stall you cross, you would find funky, junk and even sleek jewellery available at cheap prices. Other things you can shop here are clothes, shoes, books and antiques.

2. Linking Road, Bandra

Bandra is the hub for street shopping, with multiple sellers and the latest trends! Linking Road is one of the most visited roads to explore the world of street shopping! With multiple vendors and stores, there’s something for everybody!

3. Hill Road, Bandra

The second best spot to go street shopping in Bandra after Linking Road is Hill Road.  With bustling streets and vendors, you will find the latest collection of dresses and tops here.

4. Waterfield Road

Waterfield Road is an extension of Hill Road where there are several stores with export surplus clothes. The quality and price here is incomparable and worth every penny you spend.

5. Lokhandwala

Street shopping is incomplete without going to Lokhandwala. Make sure you begin from the first store and go up to the last one to get the best of clothes and accessories, a lot of which are from Bangkok and China. While size can be a problem at some stores as they only have petite and small size, you will manage to find something for yourself at the exhibition stores at the complex that are exclusively put for a day or two. So every time you go to Lokhandwala, you will discover new stores and can pick up a good variety of things.

6. Fashion Street

With more than 175 vendors selling just clothes, Fashion Street is most popular among students who are looking to change their wardrobe regularly. Here you can pick up one tee-shirt for as less as INR 50!


Now that you know where to go for the best range of clothes at the best prices, these are a few tips you need to remember just so that it makes the crowded and intimidating street shopping experience a lot easier.

Look For Reoccurring Styles 

Since street shopping thrives of recent fashion trends,  you will most likely see one particular style of clothes and accessories at every stall. This increases your options of getting more colours, fabrics as well as helps you compare prices and get the best deals.

Do Not Display Emotions While You Shop 

Shopkeepers usually decide the price at which they want to sell the item looking at your expressions. An excited face is an indicator of a customer willing to pay a higher price for the same item and  hence the shopkeepers are unwilling to reduce the price. Put on a neutral expression and get the best price.

Learning The Art Of Haggling

Street shopping is synonymous to haggling. There’s something satisfactory about reducing the already low prices. And the best part about shopping on the streets is that, with the multitude of vendors on the street,  they’ll usually come down to your price. And if they don’t, then there still are a lot of other places to choose from.

Search For Brands 

Very often,  you’ll find items with a brand label while street shopping, for extremely cheap rates. This is because, those pieces are factory rejects, with very minor defects. Mostly these defects are unnoticeable and it absolutely makes sense to buy fine clothes that are inexpensive.

Getting a runway look does not always have to be expensive especially when you are in a city like Mumbai!

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