The Next Big Thing – Mobile Commerce

Read how mobile commerce is going to become the next big thing. Following the trend, #Myntra recently announced to be an application only platform which means that online shopping just became easier than what it was before. #ItsPersonal #InstaUpdate #NoFilter

A few years ago, we saw a sudden boom in the e-commerce industry. So much so that now everything is available online. With one click you can call for a cab, a person to do your laundry, get grocery delivered at your doorstep, apparels and so forth. Just when the online market was evolving, the mobile market got flooded with numerous applications. These applications again are available in almost every domain one can think of. From travel to food, clothes, buying movie tickets et al.

The shift of users from online to mobile was foreseen as we want to keep a track of the recent happenings around us while we are on the go and mobile is something that we are looking at almost for 80 to 100 times in a day! We are constantly checking our mobile phone screens for messages, making phone calls, responding to e-mails or even for entertainment purposes such as playing games and online shopping.

Looking at it from the consumer’s perspective, mobile commerce simplifies life to an extent where you can get anything, anywhere. There isn’t a compulsion to be at home or workplace and then place an order for the things you need. Also, didn’t it get annoying for you to fill in your personal information again and again to place an order for that tee-shirt? Information on sale and discount will now just be a notification away. You no longer have to visit the market place to get updates on the latest trends. One will also be able to compare the prices before making that big purchase. A mobile application not only saves you time, but also makes your shopping experience easy and effortless. Following the trend, Myntra recently announced to be an application only platform which means that online shopping just became easier than what it was before.

From the marketer’s perspective this is the best thing that could have happened to them. Marketers can now target consumers on the basis of their wants. They would know the exact demography and physiography of the user and based on that data they can offer their products and services to the user. They will also be able to monitor consumer behaviour over a period of time and create products accordingly. On the flipside, for marketers this will increase competition between the brands as many new players are exploring this segment.

With several fashion e-commerce players occupying online space, fashion industry has seen an immense growth in the past few years. E-commerce has given opportunities to several budding designers to showcase their talent with minimum investment and reaching millions of potential buyers. For consumers, this platform created plenty of options to choose from. Fashion over the years has been made easy and affordable and now mobile commerce is something that will take the industry forward and it definitely the next big thing that is going to stay for long.

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