Tata Safari Storme

Tata Safari Storme VX With Varicor 400 Engine: The New Official Vehicle For The Indian Army

Our eagerness to find out if the new Tata Safari Storme VX has what it takes to make it as the king of the roads and a comfortable highway cruiser made us take the car out for a spin in and around Gurugram. The new Tata Safari Storme VX has also become the preferred vehicle by the Indian Army replacing the Maruti Gypsy in their fleet. Does the new Tata Safari has what it takes to dominate the urban jungle? We find out for you.

Tata Safari Storme


Tata Safari Storme

About The Vehicle

Tata Safari Storme


Tata Safari Storme

The Tata Safari Storme VX (with the new Varicor 400 engine) has an imposing stance on the road. It comes with a 2.2L 16 valve DOHC VTT (Variable Turbine Technology) Varicor engine that belts out 156PS of power at 4000rpm and a massive 400Nm of torque between 1750-2500rpm. These figures make the new Safari extremely drivable in the city, highway and on rocky terrains. The new six speed gearbox with a self adjusting clutch (that is extremely soft for the vehicle of this engine capacity and remains the same throughout the clutch life) helps use the power of this engine in the best possible manner. The ride is superb thanks to the new X2 frame and the five link rear suspension. The steering is a hydraulic power assisted steering that provides a perfect road experience to the driver. The 4×4 is an electronic shift on the fly system that comes with the low range transfer case and limited slip differential. This makes it a serious and very capable off-roader.

Why You Should Buy This Vehicle

The Tata Safari Storme is a very capable package if you want to drive around in the city, cruise the highway or do some serious off-roading. The overall ride soaks up the bumps and is not bumpy like the typical SUV’s and even the sound deadening on this vehicle is very impressive. The 400Nm of torque and 156PS of power helps this 2.5 ton SUV accelerate from 0-100Kmph in 12.8 secs. It also delivers a very decent 13.9Km/l of mileage. The Storme comes with an extremely comfortable seating for seven people (however the last row of rear – the two folding seats are only good for children), there are rear A/C vents with a separate cooling coil for cooling the massive cabin. In terms of creature comforts, there is a Harman Kardon ConnectNext system with rear parking sensor display, offers amazing sound quality, steering mounted audio controls and LED cabin lamps. In terms of safety the Tata Safari Storme offers dual airbags and four disc brakes aided with ABS and EBD. The 4×4 ESOF (Electronic Shift on the Fly) is an extremely capable system that can climb the toughest terrains (No doubt this vehicle is the choice of Indian Armed Forces).

Why You Should Not Buy This Vehicle

Tata Safari Storme’s kit looks insufficient for a vehicle of this price. It lacks features such as MID, touch screen navigation system, reversing camera (for a vehicle of this size), hill hold assist, more options for airbags and even VSC (Vehicle Stability Control). The six speed medium throw gearbox is laid out in a manner that it is difficult to engage the 5th and 6th gear as they are placed right next to the reverse (with no button to engage the reverse gear) and it takes a while getting used to this pattern. Although the ride is extremely good, there is fair amount of body roll mainly due to the body-on-frame construction. It also comes with Highway terrain tyres as opposed to all-terrains mainly because these SUV’s are primarily driven on road.


Overall Verdict

Tata Safari Storme VX 400 is a well crafted and reliable weapon that offers adequate value for money in the Rs. 14.47 lakh Ex-showroom price (Gurgaon, Haryana) that it comes for. The dated design which has taken so many design changes is still close to the hearts of all the Safari lovers that even Tata dealerships claim “Once a Safari owner, is forever a Safari owner”. The point to be noted is that although Tata is working well towards the refinement of its cars (after Jaguar Land Rover became a part of its portfolio), the Tata Safari Storme VX feels inadequate in terms of the equipment offered as compared to its own brother – Hexa that offers so much in terms of equipment.

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