Deltin Hotel Daman

Summer Time Gladness!

Summer Time Gladness at The Deltin Hotel

With temperatures soaring up to 45 degree Celsius in Mumbai, everyone around me has been cribbing about summer already.

I on the contrary have always looked forward to the season because this is the only time when I can swim everyday and eat as many ice creams as I want to! For me summer has always been about going on a vacation and doing the activities that I don’t get to do in my usual routine.

In order to not break my ritual this year, I planned a vacation with my extended family to the luxurious The Deltin Hotel in Daman.

Deltin Hotel Daman
The Deltin Hotel

The reason we chose to stay at The Deltin was because it is a new property in Daman and for the fact that they don’t only pamper you but take extra care of your children! We were travelling with two kids and had to make sure that they enjoy their time off from school. To our surprise,

The Deltin has a special summer package for kids where we did not have to pay extra for the kids and they stayed with their parents in family rooms that had separate beds.

They also had a specially designed kids menu where their meals were absolutely free and the best part was to watch them order for ice cream all day long because the hotel offered unlimited ice cream! Seeing the kids have so much fun, I secretly wished that I was below 12 years to get the Summer Special Package for myself.

If you are the kinds to explore new destinations every summer with your kids then you are absolutely going to love your stay at The Deltin Daman which is just a 3 hour drive from Mumbai and Surat.

More so because you know that when the kids are happy, you are happy!

Below are more details on the Summer Special Package

  • Family room from Rs. 6,799* (Valid only Mon-Thu)
  • Stay up to 30th June 2016
  • The Package Includes:
  • Complimentary stay and meals for 2 kids below 12 years
  • Individual bed for kids and unlimited ice creams!

For bookings, you can contact: 0260-6699333 or visit

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