VLCC diamond facial kit

Skin Polishing And Purification With VLCC’s Diamond Facial Kit

A lot of things in life come unannounced and most of them are functions that you cannot escape. Running last moment to the salon is also not really an option because there are plenty of things to get in place before stepping out for the big party. Keeping my beauty products in place and to dress up hassle free, I always stack my go to products at home. Recently, the Diamond Facial Kit from VLCC found its way to my top shelf and I tell you why you should use this product.


About The Product

The Diamond Facial Kit comes with six step facial sachets and tubes for Rs.350. Very clearly on the packaging the steps are mentioned so that without depending on anyone else you can do the facial on your own. Not only are the steps mentioned on the packaging, the sachets and tubes are also numbered making the process easy and quick. Reading the instructions carefully, I started with the pre- facial sachet that is a cleanser and toner in aloe vera.  The second step is the to use the diamond scrub which has diamond bhasma and jojoba oil. The third step is to apply diamond detox lotion which is with the goodness of olive oil. Fourth step is a diamond massage gel which again is made from aloe vera extracts. To conclude the process the fifth step is to use a diamond wash off mask which is an orange peel extract and the last step is a post facial oil free moisturising gel that comes with SPF 15.

VLCC diamond facial kit


VLCC diamond facial kit

Why You Should Get This Product

The products in the diamond facial kit are extremely light on the face. Within 20 minutes of applying the products, I could see the difference on my skin. My skin felt soft, supple and was glowing!  The facial was refreshing and the results were beyond my expectations.

I recently got back from a vacation in Kerala because of which my skin was badly tanned. I did not immediately have to rush to the salon to remove the tan as I had VLCC’s Diamond Facial Kit at home. I could pamper myself at my own convenience and at the comfort of being at home. While applying the products, I could not finish the entire sachet as the sachets have enough scrub and moisturisers to last you for two facials. So if you compare this kit in terms of its worth then I think it is a steal deal as a facial at the salon does not cost below INR 700- INR 2000 (depending on the kind of facial you opt for) and this kit is available for INR 350 and you can use it twice!


Why You Should Not Get This Product

I don’t think there is any reason for you to not get this kit! It’s best to take it with you when you are travelling or use it at home when you feel like you have been missing on pampering sessions.


Overall Verdict

The diamond like glitter inside the scrub and the peel of face mask gives your face an instant glow. There should be no reason for you to think twice before purchasing the diamond facial kit. This kit is absolutely worth every penny and the results are unbelievable. Try it yourself to believe it!

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