Romanticise With Your Loved One At Home This Valentine’s Day

If disco nights, candle lights, chocolates and flowers are not your idea of celebrating love this year on Valentine’s Day then we have something simple and extremely cute planned for you. This will not only sweep your loved one off the floor but also remind them of how much you love them.

Make Breakfast

Make breakfast
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To make Valentine’s Day special this year, why not start the day by making breakfast together? Our personal favourite is English breakfast. It’s not much of a hassle and it definitely would be fun to make some baked beans, sausages, pancakes, waffles, eggs and tea of course.  She can beat the eggs while you are tossing the pancake while stealing a few kisses in between and the morning breakfast will be a great start to your day.

Watch Movies

watch movies
Picture Courtesy – White Frog Productions

When was the last time you saw Gone With The Wind, When Harry Met Sally or Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind? Yes, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to pick your favourite romantic comedy movies and watch it throughout the day.

Make Love

Make love
Picture Courtesy – White Frog Productions

And plenty of it! You have the entire day to yourself. Move to that bathroom and fill up the tub with hot water and bubbles. Give each other a gentle massage and that should be enough to get you started.


Picture Courtesy – White Frog Productions

After that hot bath, now is the time to get dressed (to impress of corse) and put on your dancing shoes. You can start grooving to the famous Macarena, Las Ketchup or Mambo Number 5. Also, don’t forget to add peppy Bollywood numbers such as I am a disco dancer, Kisi Disco Mein Jaiye et al to your playlist. It’s not only Ballroom dancing that is romantic. Crazy dancing is fun and extremely romantic. You should definitely give this a try!


Dine At The Terrace

Dine at the terrace
Picture Courtesy – White Frog Productions

Set up your dinner table at the terrace and also carry your mattresses and blankets! Yes, you are sleeping on the terrace tonight. When was the last time you looked up at the stars?  Whenever that was, today you are sleeping under the stars, quite literally.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year? Write to me on Psst… your identity would be withheld.

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