Regret Losing Important Data? Stellar Will Recover It Back For You

Imagine working for 12 hours in a day and just when you are clearing your desk and calling it a day, water spills over everything that you did that day. That’s a horrifying thought to say the least! Now that times have changed and all the work is done on the laptops and computers, so many times I end up losing my data and the only option that I’m left with is to do everything again. All that time and effort goes to waste when I lose that data.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen to me ever again, I recently attended an event organised by Stellar which is a Data Care Experts Company that helps us recover our files that get corrupt or gets deleted by mistake. So if you regret losing important data, Stellar will recover it back for you. 

Stellar software

This event took place at Stellar’s Office in Gurugram where Mr. Manoj Dhingra – Co-Founder and Director, Domestic Business at Stellar gave an insight to how the data recovery tools work. Later, all the guests were divided in to groups of four where we were introduced to the software – ‘Stellar Photo Recovery for Windows and Mac’ to recover a permanently deleted file from a SD card or Android devices and iPhone.

Stellar software

I was amazed to watch how effortlessly and quickly the videos that were permanently deleted in front of me were recovered from the SD card as well as Android and IOS devices. The retrieval time of the files also depends on the size of the data. The only thing that one needs to remember is that the destination folder for the retrieved files should be re-named and should not have the same name as before. Another amazing tool that Stellar has is that you can permanently delete any data that you do not need and that data henceforth will be beyond recovery.

Stellar is not only the perfect software for me as a blogger but it is required for everyone who has devices where you store your memories or work. With Stellar, I no longer have to worry about my pictures from the shoot, or event videos. I’m relieved that finally I have a software that keeps my data safe.

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