Nitrogen air

This Is Why You Should Choose Nitrogen Air Instead Of Regular Compressed Air At Fuel Stations

The Indian car marketplace has seen a number of shifts in recent times. We moved from tube type tyres to tubeless tyres a while ago. This shift has made our lives easier as in the case of a puncture in tubeless tyres; we would not face immediate air blowouts , but extremely slow release of air. This made our drives safe. The most recent trend of filling car tyres only with nitrogen air in recent times has had a lot of speculation so we tell you why you should choose nitrogen air instead of regular compressed air at fuel station.

Nitrogen air

To clear out the myths about Nitrogen, the comparative benefits of using Nitrogen over compressed air in tyres are:

  • Same tyre pressure over longer durations : Nitrogen in tyres is less likely to escape the tyre than regular compressed air which contain oxygen, which means fewer top ups and increased mileage.
  • Safer as there is very less pressure change with varying temperatures : If you go on long drives at high speeds, filling nitrogen makes sense as it helps run the tyre cooler (thus reducing tyre maintenance), prevents increase of tyre pressure on continued use and thus reduces chances of tyre bursts. What you probably didn’t know is that race cars and aeroplanes use nitrogen for stable tyre pressures.
  • Prevents corrosion of rims : Since nitrogen is dry and has no water content, it reduces the chances of the rim getting rusted
  • Cost : The cost of filling Nitrogen is high (Rs. 100-250) for four tyres. Topping up can also cost about (Rs.10-25)/tyre.
  • Mixing air and Nitrogen in a tyre: That is perfectly fine. This is will give you partial benefits of Nitrogen. You can always get the air out completely and get only Nitrogen filled in your tyres to avail all benefits.

Now that you know all the benefits of using nitrogen air instead of regular compressed air at fuel station, happy driving!

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