Oral care at Apollo White Dental Spa

photo (9)DSC_1657 Visiting a dentist is always a task for me and going to the dentist for maintaining my oral hygiene is probably the last thing on my to-do-list. I had never been to a dental spa before and that is what made me visit Apollo White Dental Spa. I went to the clinic on a Saturday morning where I was greeted by Samta at the reception and introduced to Dr. Shivani Bhandari to take my treatment forward.

The Examination
My dental examination showed that I had no cavities and just needed a regular cleaning and polishing. I was keen on getting teeth whitening so Dr. Bhandari suggested that the whitening should be done in two sittings prior to which she began with cleaning and polishing to remove tartar from my teeth.

 photo (7)The Treatment
Apollo White Dental Spa promises painless procedures which are done with laser precisions. The process of cleaning lasted for 20 minutes and I could hardly feel anything. It was quick, easy and definitely painless! I visited the clinic for the next two sittings for whitening and I must say that by the end of my procedure, I had pearl white teeth and a little sensitivity in my lower teeth (which normally happens because of less enamel present on a particular tooth). Days after the procedure were over, Dr. Bhandari made sure that I was not in pain and she constantly followed up.

 photo (2)The Spa
Apollo White Dental Spa offers spa services free of cost to their clients and the people accompanying the clients. As the spa is an additional feature in the clinic, it offers basic foot massage, hand massage and they also have a massaging chair where you can sit and relax your entire body. The spa service can be utilised before or after the treatment.

Other Services
Apart from cleaning and whitening, Apollo White Dental Spa offers services such as oral examination and full mouth digital x-ray, scaling and polishing, cavity fillings, tooth jewel, space / gap closure between teeth amongst many others.

Dental check up has never been on my to do list not because I don’t care about my oral hygiene but because I brush my teeth twice a day and that makes me believe that I don’t need to visit a dentist regularly. Here is where we all go wrong and Dr.Shivani Bhandari tells us why it is important to visit a dentist regularly. (Video coming soon)
If you are looking for a dentist who gives you the best opinion about the treatment you should undergo, a pain free procedure and a place where you can pamper yourself then Apollo Dental White Spa is where your search should end.


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