Anushka Sharma

“Nobody is obligated to give work to anyone whether you are a star kid or a non-film background person” Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma talks about her latest release Phillauri, being a producer and nepotism in the industry.

From her first film as a producer for NH 10 to the second film Phillauri which just released, Anushka Sharma has a lot to be grateful about. Promoting her latest film Phillauri, the actor is proud to have made some unconventional decisions that have lead her so far in life. While promoting Phillauri and talking about her journey as a producer Anushka said, “The journey has been great. I’ve started my journey not knowing or wanting to become an as actress and I did so that was helpful to me because coming from a non film background and not thinking that you are going to become an actor, I had no preconceived notions of how my life should go on and how I should progress.” Anushka plays the character of a friendly spirit in Phillauri. Working for the first time with Diljit Dosanjh, she spoke about her experience. She said, “He is a very honest actor and it’s always good to work with honest actors because it helps your own performance so much. Diljit has done a fine job with this film. People will really love him in this new look.”

Anushka Sharma

On Nepotism

Since everyone in the industry has been debating over the controversial topic of ‘nepotism’ in the industry that came in to light on Karan Johar’s chat show with Kangana Ranaut, we asked Anushka’s opinion on the same. Anushka refused to comment on the topic. She further explained by saying that everyone has their own experiences and giving an opinion on something like this does not change somebody else’s experiences. She said, “I can only talk about my own experience. I will forever be grateful to Aditya Chopra for launching me and I come from a non film background and he is a film person. He gave me an opportunity when he could have given that opportunity to any other film star’s kid. But he didn’t.  He valued my talent and valued what I could do and achieve. Having said that yes of course if you have experienced that part of it then it is there. I can only talk about the person that has started my career and the people I have worked with.”

What is valued more in the industry– talent or good looks?

For Anushka what is valued the most in the industry is ultimately the work that you do, your ability as an actor and the stardom. She said, “If you are doing well in your career, people will work with you. If you are not doing well then people will not. Nobody is obligated to give work to anymore whether you are a star kid or a non film background person.”

On becoming a producer

Becoming a producer was not a frivolous decision that came overnight said Anushka. She said, “It’s a very long process and to make this kind of decision that will affect your life is not easy. For me it was a very natural thing to do because of the circumstances that came during the shooting of NH 10.” Talking about the challenges one faces as a producer, Anushka spoke about the how important it is to protect your work as a lot of hard work goes in to making a film. And for that she has associated with Western Digital Corporation. She said, “They are the best in business and as a producer the most important thing for me is to protect my film.”

Anushka Sharma
Anushka sharma with Ayushi Anand

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