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My Glamm Plumping Lipstick + Lipgloss And Liquid Eyeliner and HD Brow Powder Review

I’ve been wanting to try the new entrant in the cosmetic industry – My Glamm since long. I got lucky getting a couple of vouchers that had the products on discount. Also, when you register first time on the website you get a discount of Rs.150 that further reduced the amount I had to pay to buy the products. I went ahead and ordered for two products – Plumping Lipstick + Lipgloss and Liquid Eyeliner and HD Brow Powder. The USP of My Glamm is definitely the fact that you get two products in one bottle! So while travelling these products will come handy.

my glamm

Why You Should Get These Products

I love the fact that these two bottles have four products in them! And since I travel a lot, I’m happy to be carrying these compact makeup bottles. I picked up the ‘Beauty Shot’ Plumping Lipstick + Plumping Lipgloss from the Colour Fusion collection. The Plumping Lipstick is an Aubergine Purple shade which is well pigmented and the Plumping Lip Gloss is a Pastel Rose shade. So in a way you get the best of a dark and a pastel shade together. From a day look, one can easy shift to the night look with these colours. The Colour Fusion collection is priced at Rs.995.

The Liquid Eyeliner + HD Brow Powder is an amazing product. The liner dries up quickly and has an easy applicator. The Brow Powder’s brush too is soft and can be easily applied.  This Stay Defined product is priced at Rs.1095.

Why You Should Not Get This Product

The only thing that does not satisfy me is the fact that the lipstick does not last for more than 4-5 hours in a day. It’s extremely creamy texture easily comes off while eating or drinking.

Overall Verdict

My Glamm products especially the Plumping Lipstick + Lipgloss And Liquid Eyeliner and HD Brow Powder are worth trying. They offer good colours in lipsticks and at the price of one product you end up getting two! I’m yet to try their other products and when I do, I will definitely let you know if they are worth buying or not.


Have you tried any of My Glamm products? Do let me know if you have in the comments section below and what did you like or dislike about their products.

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