Must Do Things In Dehradun

Dehradun is usually a transit for people making their way to Mussoorie. This city of love has stunning monasteries, baked goodies, quaint cafes and of corse the beautiful people who shower immense love to you upon your arrival in the city. I happen to stay in Dehradun courtesy Ramada Hotel. In 24 hours, I was able to explore the city as well as visit major tourist spots. So if you too are in the city for a couple of hours or for a day or two then I tell you the must do things in Dehradun.

dehradun, Things In Dehradun

dehradun, Things In Dehradun

Begin Your Day At The Robber’s Cave (Also Knows As Gucchupani)

robbers cave, Things In Dehradun

robbers cave, Things In Dehradun

After paying an entrance fee of INR 30 per person and crossing the stalls, you reach a cave like structure with rocks on both sides and water underneath. It’s a 600 metre long path where you can keep guessing where the robbers might have hidden back in the days or had an escape route. The locals believe that the river that flows inside the cave has medicinal properties. Once you are out of the cave, you must try Maggi, eggs and cutting chai that you get at the stall. This place is perfect for a picnic during the day. 

Visit The Stunning Buddha Temple

buddha temple, Things In Dehradun

The Buddha Temple is also famously known as the Mindrolling Monastery. Located in Clement Town, the Buddha Temple is the most stunning and picturesque monastery I have ever seen. It houses three different places of worship with stunning structures of bells and Tibetan flags. Here you will get to see the Japanese architectural style where the temple promotes century old rituals, music, chants and dances.

buddha temple, Things In Dehradun

Make A Pitt Stop At Haathi Chai Shop

Doonites swear by this place and you will mostly find millennials at this spot having their favourite lemon tea at the Haathi Chai Shop. Sit with your cup of chai in the evening while watching the sunset and enjoying stunning views.

Pick Baked Goods From Elloras Bakery

elloras, Things In Dehradun

Whenever I have visited Dehradun, I have always picked up packets of Rusk from Elloras Bakery. This time was no different. I picket up a packet of milk rusk from Elloras. There are two bakeries with the same name on Rajpur Road. How you can differentiate between the two is that you need to pick stuff from ‘Old’ Elloras Bakery that says oldest and original bakers. Apart from milk rusk, you can also pick up some amazing cookies, biscuits and other delicious baked goods.

Have you been to Dehradun before? Do let me know in the comments section below about your must do things in Dehradun.

How To Reach Dehradun

There are direct flights from Delhi that are available to reach Dehradun.

When you are travelling from Delhi you can take the Dehradoon Shatabdi that runs daily from 6:45 am and 5 pm. It’s a 6 hours long comfortable journey where you get snacks and food.

Another alternate to reaching Dehradun is to take the Volvo that takes 8 hours aaproximately. 

Where To Stay

Located in the heart of Dehradun for a comfortable stay you can opt for Ramada Hotel which is on the Chakrata Road, Mahinder Vihar. 


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