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Milk Face Cleanser For Women – Review

Milk & Co. Is an Australian brand by Olympic swimming champion Michael Klim and his wife Lindy Klim. Milk offers face and body products for men, women and children. When I first saw the products displayed in front of me at the Milk event organised by Sublime Factory in Mumbai, I loved the packaging and instantly wanted to get my hands on the rectangular translucent bottles.

milk face wash

Why You Should Get This Product

After getting a bag full of products ranging from face cleanser to body wash, I started using the Face Cleanser which was made from Goji Fruit extract, Ylang Ylang Oil and Hibiscus Flower extract. The fragrance of the face cleanser is pleasant and soothing. Only a few drops of the face cleanser forms a lot of lather and makes you cleanse your face thoroughly. The best thing about the Milk face cleanser is that unlike other products in the market, it does not make your face dry. In fact it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. This product also mentions that it can be used as a makeup remover and it indeed makes it easy to remove makeup!


Why You Should Not Get This Product

The only thing I did not like about this product is the liquid trickles down from the mouth of the container when you pour it too close to the hand. So make sure you hold the bottle at a distance and then use it.


Overall Verdict

I have a dry skin and after using this face wash, I could not stop touching my face. It felt fresh and soft. I have started using this face cleanser regularly and will definitely purchase it again. The 150 ml bottle is available for Rs.1450 and you can buy Milk products at the Sublime Factory

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