Let yourself loose in 2015 with the Vixen Workout

Every year when I am asked about my New Year resolution, the first thing that I think of is to lose weight. And this isn’t the first time that losing weight tops my New Year resolutions’ list. But this year, making sure that I don’t break my resolution I have been looking for new and fun workout routines online. While searching for a new fitness regimen, I came across the Vixen Workout.

Vixen workout was started in Miami by Janet Jones. It is an intense dance workout inspired by celebrity moves. Jones started this fitness classes with a motive where women can let themselves loose during the 60-minute session while they can be whoever they wish to be once the music plays out loud! The class transforms in to a place where women can forget their responsibilities and satisfy their alter ego. Interestingly, i found out that women who are a part of these classes are known as Vixens and they together form the ‘Vixen Army’. New Vixen’s can expect to burn between 400 to 600 calories whereas once you know the moves, you can burn over 1000 calories in just 60 minutes!





Vixen is the apt workout if you are based out of United States of America as the studios are located in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles. However, if you are based out of New Delhi, India then you must take a trial session at the Crush Fitness. For more details you can visit their website here – http://www.crushfitnessindia.com/home.html

Crush Fitness is similar to Vixen Workout in a way that it is a cardio intensive workout where different forms of dances are made in to a routine. It is a 45-minute session where you can enjoy dancing and burn calories, both at the same time!




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