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Why Let The Romance Die? Feel Special Like A Bejeweled Bride Every Anniversary!

Indian weddings are always a grand and an elaborate affair. They have so many intricate elements to it, ranging from songs and dances and parties to decorations and infinite traditional rituals. But, one major element of any Indian wedding is…any guesses?

Jewelry! Ask any bride and she’ll tell you how crucial it is to pick the perfect jewelry pieces to go with each selected outfit for every single function including the engagement, mehendi and sangeet to the actual wedding and reception. After all, every woman wants to feel special and look like a princess on her very big day.

Malabar gold and diamon

But, why should women only feel special during their wedding? What about afterward, especially years down the road? Flowers and chocolates get monotonous after a point, don’t they? How about feeling regal on an anniversary, for a change? Now that sounds more like it, doesn’t it?

Take a look at a recent video Kareena Kapoor Khan’s anniversary surprise video by Malabar Gold and Diamonds. This gives us all some new post-shaadi celebration goals! The way Kareena was surprised with a stunning gold and diamond necklace-earrings set from her hubby on their anniversary is truly adorable, especially because she was least suspecting it and it really is a very thoughtful gesture! Well, her husband – Saif Ali Khan has certainly retained his nawaab-like taste and charm and made sure that the soon to be mommy-to-be is decked up in the very finest jewelry on all big occasions. Which woman doesn’t love diamonds and value her special someone going the extra mile to remind her how special she still is years into the marriage? So endearing!

This anniversary, make sure you celebrate your love in a grand way just like you did on your wedding day – indulge in the most stunning gold and diamond pieces by Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Headquartered in Mumbai, Malabar Gold & Diamonds has over 150 showrooms across India, Singapore and GCC. For more information, visit here

Don’t forget to check out Kareena Kapoor Khan’s anniversary surprise below.

*This is a promotional feature for Malabar Gold & Daimonds

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