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IFFI 2018 | Everything You Need To Know About The International Film Festival Of India

If you are a movie buff like me then you have to attend IFFI (International Film Festival of India) that happens every year in Goa. The film festival is obviously about celebrating cinema and this celebration is a grand one in every sense! Having attended IFFI last year for the first time ever, I’m absolutely looking forward to IFFI 2018 this year.

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IFFI is an eight day affair which gives you major FOMO if you are not a part of it and withdrawal symptoms after attending it! You not only get to watch some of the best films from all parts of the world but also interact with actors, directors and get deep in to the ideologies behind film making. This festival is not just a platform that is perfect for budding film makers but is extremely entertaining and informative for people like you and me. I’m sharing the highlights of this festival with you in this post that will help you make up your mind to attend the International Film Festival of India 2018 (IFFI 2018).

Celebrating Films In The Truest Sense

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Imagine watching movies back to back for 8 days. Mind blowing idea, right? If you eat, sleep and breathe movies then IFFI has a curated list of fantastic films that you can watch during the festival. The team plans and makes an extensive schedule for screenings spread across four venues. You should pre-book the tickets by seeing the schedule online else it will be very difficult for you to watch any films. On the first day – celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Ranbir Kapoor et al kick started the festival with outstanding performances. All everybody could talk about on day one was about their favourite celebrities.

The second day began with me rushing to the venue to catch the 10:30 am show. The venue was beautifully decorated with big hoardings. Just as you enter the venue, you see the food court first and then a queue of people waiting to start watching their favourite films.

Watch Unlimited Films And Short Stories

Apart from watching the Oscar nominated films and nationally acclaimed Hindi films, I also got a chance to watch short films. I watched Chutney starring Tisca Chopra and was completely blown away by the script and her performance in the film. IFFI is the best platform you can ever get to watch national as well as International films.

Get Personal With The Celebrities And Directors

There are sessions where you can interact with the celebrities and directors and get in to the depth of the film. These interactions are interesting and gives you a new perspective to watch films and understand cinema better than before.

Eat Scrumptious Food

From lip smacking biryani to aloo parathas, sandwiches – you can try several veg and non veg dishes at different food stalls in the food court. After all no celebration is really complete without eating delicious food!

Pick Up Souvenirs And Learn About Different Types Of Cameras

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Right after the food court there are several stalls where you could pick up film posters and see cameras that were used in the older days. Pick up you favourite singer’s CDs or get the old song collection you always wanted from these stalls.

Be rest assured that you are going to have 8 awesome days in Goa watching films during the day and then retiring at the beach. Isn’t this a perfect vacation plan? For more information on the festival you can visit here.





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