Healthy you, this Monsoon!

Monsoon is back and so is your appetite for all things hot, sweet and fried. There’s something about the rains that makes you want to indulge but what most of us don’t know is that high humidity weakens the digestive system. Also the damp and muddy conditions are perfect for bacteria and viruses to fester. Monsoon also attacks your immune system which is why diseases like Jaundice, Typhoid, Diarrhoea and Dysentery tend to spread during monsoon. So as the weather changes, it also calls for you to change your lifestyle and eating habits. Here’s what you should eat and what you must avoid to stay healthy during monsoon.

Must Have


While rains naturally make you crave for tea, having green or herbal tea helps boost immunity. Add some ginger to keep cold at bay. But don’t over indulge as tea and coffee also dehydrate the body. And it’s important that you stay hydrated during monsoon because the humidity makes you sweat and lose body water.


A bowl of hot soup with lots of veggies. That way you get nutrition from vegetables without consuming any harmful bacteria. Add some garlic since it helps build immunity. But make sure that you are not adding too much of salt since that promotes water retention.


Vegetables have essential nutrients that help you stay healthy. But raw vegetables should ideally be avoided because during monsoon as they are likely to have more germs. Steam your salads. That way you lose the bacteria but not the nutrients.

Bitter Vegetables

Bitter vegetables and bitter herbs contain antioxidants and medicinal properties that prevent you from infections. One must eat vegetables like karela (bitter gourd) and bitter herbs like neem and haldi during monsoon.

Light Meals

Try and eat light at all times during monsoon since your digestive system is not at its best.

Must Avoid


Try to avoid drinking vegetable, fruit, and sugarcane juice during this period, especially from roadside shops.


Avoid watery fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, musk melon as they are more susceptible to bacteria during monsoon.

Sea Food

Avoid sea food during monsoon because fishing is prohibited during monsoon as it’s the breeding season for fish and it is unlikely you will find fresh fish.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Avoid green leafy vegetables like palak specially when eating outside. They are more likely to get contaminated due to their damp nature. When at home clean them thoroughly with warm salt water and consume since they help build immunity.

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