The Deltin Daman

Here is Your Guide To The Top 5 Restaurants In Daman

Daman attracts many tourists thanks to its Portuguese influence, beautiful beaches and also the fact that alcohol isn’t forbidden here, like it is in Gujrat (yikes!), since it is a Union Territory. In case you find yourself in Daman and have no idea where to eat out at, well we have you covered. Here are top five restaurants that you have to try.

1. Emperor Restaurant at The Deltin

If you are craving pan-Asian cuisine then you have got to check out Emperor at The Deltin. The regal seating for groups is simply breath-taking, and the assortment of dishes on their menu is great. Definitely try out their momos and green teas!

Deltin Daman

2. Vegas Restaurant At The Deltin

Also worth a visit is Vegas at The Deltin! You won’t run out of yummy options since three cuisines – Indian, pan-Asian and continental – are offered here. Oh, and this place has a pool-side view which is pretty neat!

The Deltin Daman

3. Spice Galleon At Old Beach Resort

If you taste buds are longing for some international flavors, then head on down to Spice Galleon at Old Beach Resort and also enjoy their beach-facing open-air seating.

Spice Galleon

4. Open Air Restaurant At Hotel Miramar

Ever wanted to dine in the middle of a lake? Well, you can at Hotel Miramar’s open air restaurant which serves Indian, Italian and Mexican dishes.

Miramar Daman

5. Shacks At Jampore Beach

And, of course you have to spend some time at Jampore Beach chilling at a shack, soaking in the view of the waves and sand, all while munching on chaat and sipping away at beer or coconut water.

Jampore Beach Daman

Regardless of whether you fancy Indian dishes or have more of an International taste, Daman has dining options for everyone, so bon appetit!

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