Give Your Meal An Innovative Fix At Jugaad Café

Jugaad Café is located in Defence Colony, New Delhi.  The cafe is beautifully lit with lamps hanging from the ceiling. There are multiple sitting arrangements for small and large groups. This café is an excellent choice for people who love experimenting with their food and have a knack for fusion food.

We ordered for Crispy Chilli Chana and Kurkure Bhutta for appetizers. Crispy Chilli  Chana was the  perfect appetiser which tasted a lot like Honey Chili Potato with a bit healthy twist. Kurkure Bhutta was crispy and tangy. It is coated with peanut and Kurkure crumbs making it the must have dish at this cafe.

Then we moved on Prawn Peri Peri, yet another delicious appetiser from the menu. The prawns were crispy and served with red chili garlic and herbs. The tangy sauce and charred veggies were very flavorsome.  A must try, simply fantastic!

We also tried Todu Macroni Cheese Burger where the buns were made of cheesy macroni with soft and delectable chicken patty.

In main course we ordered Drums Delight Chicken Wings along with Ferrero Rocher shake and Frozen Berry Smoothie. The tender chicken wings were prepared nicely in chili garlic sauce and were coated with some tasty oriental spices. The shakes were light and delectable, perfect to enjoy with the food.


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