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From Kashmir To Kanyakumari – 6 Things Women Must Shop From India

India is a living and breathing example of how a country can have it all- food, fabric and festivities. Today, we build on what’s most dear to our generation which has started fixating on vintage wear. Just as the soil changes every few kilometres, so does the ethnic craftwork and style. The clothes we wear are a statement, a statement about who we are and where we come from. Picking on this patriotic nostalgia, we bring about the multitude of jewellery and clothes that India has to offer for the eternal shopper. From the tip of Kashmir, to the tail of Kanyakumari- we have something for every woman who loves shopping. We tell you a few must shop things from India that you can add to your wardrobe or pick up as souvenirs.

1. Amritsari Phulkari Dupatta

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There is not a single item that is more Punjabi than a Phulkari Dupatta.Derived from the words phul (flowers) and kari (work), the dupatta can be of silk, chiffon, cotton, or georgette and you’d find intricate, colourful and heavy embroidery on them. It is an art that has been present in Punjab and Haryana since the last 700 years. The cost of a phulkari dupatta ranges from Rs.
500 to Rs. 3000, depending upon the intricacy and the quality of the embroidery and the cloth of the
dupatta. If you want something Amritsari in your wardrobe, there is nothing better than owning a Phulkari


2. Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram Saree

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Want to own something extraordinary? Buy a Kanchipuram Saree! It is believed that the art of making Kanchipuram sarees is only known by the descendants of Sage Markanda who wove the clothes of God. The Kanchipuram sarees have existed in the Indian history for the past 400 years and have been labeled as a god’s gift to the woman kind. The saree is woven from pure mulberry silk thread and the most extraordinary thing is that three single threads of zari (silk yarn) are used to make it. And since, it’s handmade it costs a lot. But, owning a Kanchipuram saree is honourable. Did you know that Michelle Obama was gifted a Kanchipuram saree by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when she came to India? One more reason for you to buy it!

3. Kashmiri Shawls

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Who hasn’t heard of the Kashmiri Pashmina shawl which is said to be so soft and thin, it can come in and out of a finger ring? Kashmiri shawls are famous throughout the globe and have a history of more than 800 years. Mughal emperors wore it, encouraged it’s production and even gifted it to the Queen of England as a result of which the shawls became a coveted product in Europe. Pashmina shawls are made of such fine fabric that it cannot manufactured by machines, and hence, have to be
woven by hand. To make a single pashmina shawl, it takes about 2-4 years because it is a complex and intricate art to make one.

4. Orissa’s Ikat Print

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The Odisha Ikat is a derivative form of dying textiles. It came to the state in the 12th century with the migration of the artisans from the Patan region in Gujarat. It’s popular for its precision, simplicity, and elegance. The sarees made from the ikat fabric have lured a wide range of customers, from celebrities like Aishwarya Rai to urban upper middle-class homemakers. This style’s fame is not limited to the Indian boundaries but goes well beyond it. International designers are known to have taken inspiration from this resist-dying and have incorporated it into their own brand’s works.

5. Chikankari Suits And Sarees From Lucknow

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Yes, eat galouti kebabs when you go to Lucknow, but don’t forget to buy a chikankari kurta, suit or saree. Chikan work was innovated as far back as 3rd century AD, bit it gained fame and attention during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir who was a staunch supporter of this beautiful craftwork. Even though chikankari has spread through out the globe now and has been modernized in various ways, Lucknow still remains the hub of this art and offers a wide variety of chikankari work, some light and some so intricate and heavy, you’d be in awe all day when you’ll see it.

6. Rajasthani Rajputana Jewellery

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Raani haar, aad, kundan bhutti, nathni, bajuband — Rajasthani Rajputana jewellery is royal, intricate and beautiful in it’s larger-than-life size. The moment you see it, or wear it you feel like a queen. Owning Rajputana Rajasthani jewellery is equivalent to owning a crown. The beautiful designs, the magnificence of its size, the colours, the pearls, the gold — everything adds up to make various kinds of jewellery. Rajasthan’s history boasts of such jewellery, with it’s forts and pilgrimages.

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