Five Most Annoying Kind of Travellers

We all have encountered people while travelling who are down-right annoying and, surprisingly, have the ability to get on our nerves in a fraction of a second! On the flip side, well, we too could have been one of them for others. Below are a few bad experiences that we can never forget and every time we are about to begin our journey, we hope not to encounter such people ever again.


1.  Loud Aunty

When you have an early morning train all you want to do is board it and sleep till you reach your destination. But alas, what happens is no less than a nightmare. From some corner of our coach we hear a loud aunty talking over the phone telling her family that she and her 25-year-old son, a certain Bittu, have boarded the train on time. The conversation soon drifts from  the aunty talking to other family members about her ‘personal matters’, albeit on top of her voice in public, to a list of groceries she wants the maid to buy. Back from our slumber land, for a minute we start thinking if we have entered someone’s living room. Opening our eyes and locating the aunty two seats away from us makes us think, “Is she the only one who has paid for the ticket?” Giving her dirty looks just does not help so we too in our ‘loud’ voice ask the aunty to talk a little softly (read ‘shut up’) so that some of us who are sleep deprived can rest in peace before we reach our destination. And voila, it works!


2. Uncomfortable Uncle

While travelling on a two hour flight from Delhi to Mumbai if you feel some one pulling your hair from behind then don’t get angry. It’s just that the uncle sitting behind you is extremely uncomfortable and thinks that he will fall off from his seat if he does not hold on to your seat. There will be times when you would feel like someone is pulling your seat and calling you but naaaah, just close your eyes and enjoy the ride because he is not going to leave your seat alone.

3.  Snoring Grandfather

Well, this one is self explanatory. A snoring co-passenger not only keeps you sleep deprived but also  makes you angry and all you wish to do is wake up the oldie so that he can stop snoring! After several failed attempts to make him stop, the only option you are left with is to get hold of your headphones and keep calm.

4.  Crying Toddler

No matter how cute you find babies but once they come in between you and your comfort zone, you don’t want to see them.  There is not much you can do in this situation. Just think that someday it could be you, your partner and your baby doing the same to others. The very thought makes you patient; doesn’t it?


5. Talkative Stranger

At times you have the best conversations with a complete stranger; on the other hand, sometimes you just don’t feel like talking to people who stare at you for long and then try to start small talks. You try to push them away by giving them a formal smile back or looking elsewhere but it just doesn’t work. Instead you feel like a weirdo-attracting-magnet (which is completely unintentional) and your new-buddy-on-the-trip wants to know every little detail of your life and existence till date– family, ex-boyfriends, current-boyfriend, job and so forth. Worst is when the journey gets over, and he asks you for your phone number! *facepalm*

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