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My Favourite Products In April 2018 That You Too Are Going To Love

After writing so much about my makeup and my skin care routine I realised that now it is the time to tell you guys about some amazing products that I have been using and then re-stocking them because they are so good! No, this is not that post (I’m going to do that soon though) but I’ve decided that I’m going to tell you about my favourite products from every month! This list is going to include new products that I have recently started using. Although this post is about my favourites but I think I’m also going to mention separately about the products I used and didn’t like. So beginning this month I’ll tell you about my favourite products in April 2018 that you too are going to love.

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1. Sunscreen From Avene

My dermatologist was the one who introduced me to this amazing sunscreen from Avene. Earlier I used to use sunscreen from Lotus, Lakme and several other brands but my dermat told me about the harmful chemicals present in each one of them and that I needed to switch to Avene. The sunscreen is expensive as it costed me Rs.1500 for a 50 ml bottle but it is worth spending and protecting the skin. Unlike other sunscreen, this requires a minimum application of two to three pumps and you are good to go. It has SPF 50 and doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to absorb in the skin completely. Another amazing thing about this product is that it does not make you sweaty and you can almost not feel it on your skin.

2. Aloe Vera Gel From Patanjali

I love the Aloe Vera gel from Patanjali as it makes my skin feel fresh and clean. Every night after washing my face, I apply the Aloe Vera Gel and leave it on my face over night. In the morning my skin feels great!

3. Nilgiri Coffee Scrub

I picked this coffee scrub from Coorg. I am a coffee lover but I have never used a coffee scrub before. This scrub feels very soft on the face with a strong coffee fragrance and coffee particles. The creamy texture of the scrub leaves the face moisturised after wash.

4. Sanitiser From Bath And Body Works

I have been using products from Bath and Body Works since forever thanks to my aunts who stay abroad! I love the cutsie bottles and the fragrance of the sanitiser Paris and I make sure to carry it in my bag always.

5. Face Wash From La Roche Posay

I have used this face wash to remove my makeup and and I loved how a small amount of this face wash creates a lot of lather on the face and cleanses the skin quickly.

6. Hair Perfume From Herra Signature Protecting Hair Perfume

I love this product to infinity! After washing my hair, I ensure that I spray some of this perfume on my hair and that lasts me the entire day. I don’t have to re-apply after every few hours and the hair smells great all day long.

7. Beverly Hills Polo Classic Perfume

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I love men’s perfume and most of my perfume collection comprises men’s perfumes. If you too like strong fragrances like me, then you are going to love this one! This fragrance makes you feel come alive. I wear this on days when I want to feel glamorous or when I’m attending parties.

Let me know your favourite products in the comments section below that you have been using and loving! 

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