Productive Day

5 Ways To Ensure That You Have A Productive Day At Work

Telling people how to be productive is very tricky business. It makes you introspect and reach realisations that are severely unwelcoming. But this task needs to be done for the same reason it’s daunting- introspection, which is why the most important tool for getting productive is taking a moment to sit down and just reflect. Think about what works for you and what doesn’t. Routines and productivity are subjective concepts. The question of how much work did you get done today is open-ended. So no one individual can break it down for you and spoon feed you the ways to lead a lucrative work life and a balanced personal one.¬†Thus, when you read the points mentioned below don’t think of them as the inspiration you’ve been waiting to be struck by. Below are some tried and tested ways which can only help you if you let them to ensure that you have a productive day at work.

Productive Day
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1. Stop Relying On Motivation

Motivation is a fleeting feeling, it can’t help you sustain a routine. Some days you have to push yourself out of your bed, slog through the day and come home unsatisfied with your day. That’s the chance you should be willing to take if you want to make something of yourself. Motivation is fluffy and cushiony but it’s not reliable. What you can rely on are targets- long term and short term. Make them and go through your day just in the pursuit of their achievement and nothing else.

2. Disconnect From The World Until You’re Done With Your Work

Every social media application has to be used just when you sit down to work, every half-read article has to be finished up when you’re responding to a three weeks old flagged e-mail and every new song has to be discovered just when it’s time to clean the apartment. None of that will help you achieve your objective for the day. Keep your phone at least 30 inches away from you, only open the tabs and windows that have relevance to your work and turn off the music.

3. Plan It Out

Yes, you’ve heard it a million times. It’s usually followed up by-“I’m just saying, I don’t stick to these plans either,” and that’s where your mind starts normalising procrastinating. It’s because procrastination garners more association with others than actually sticking to the plan. But there’s one thing on which everyone agrees- if you stick to it, the plan actually helps you feel a lot more in control of your life. You can’t live through the day crossing out every item on that list, but at least it gives your day a structure and direction. You’ll know where you’re going. If you don’t know where you’re headed to, you’ll probably lose your way or get stuck where you are forever.

4. Keep It Simple

The thing that is the most difficult to accept is actually the easiest to do- keep it simple. You can’t go to the U.S and impeach Trump in a day or take away North Korea’s nuclear missiles over the weekend or even get your mother to like your significant other in a week. Everything takes time for a reason i.e. revolutions begin with changes in daily lives. The larger good is distant, what you can work on for the day is to make a few accommodations for the bigger change to settle in. Your tasks should be crystal clear. Not too big for they might become unachievable and not too small for you might just laze through the day.

5. Eat Heartily And Drink Green Tea

The eons old golden rule of- “paet pooja, phir kaam duja,” i.e., first satiate the hunger and then the boss, stands firmly to this day. You cannot survive on a diet that consists of one high on cholesterol meal throughout the day. You need to have a “balanced diet”, keep yourself hydrated at all times and follow a good exercise regime in order to be able to sustain your health in the long run. Also, substitute coffee with green tea because it’s much lower on caffeine and health risks and just as effective in energising you. The added benefit is that its impact doesn’t wear off in a few hours leaving you to feel like a zombie for the rest of the day or night, it’s enduring like that.

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