Delectable Pizzas And More At Jamie’s Pizzeria

Jamie’s Pizzeria

When you think of Pizza, you usually think of the words ‘true love’ and maybe well, ‘Dominoes’. I was no different. I have grown up gorging on ‘Pizza Hut’ and ‘Dominoes’ and the love for authentic Italian food only grew because these ‘pizzas’ just ended up being bland flat breads. Jamie Oliver Pizza changes your perception about fresh pizzas. I got the chance to taste their delectable menu first hand, and I was not disappointed.

We started our meal with two of their pretty famous drinks, the ‘home made iced tea’ and ‘ginger beer’. The iced tea was very fruity and had the appropriate amount of sweetness, the ginger beer was a bit strong on the ‘ginger’ flavour, however it is a great drink for people who enjoy a tart and strong flavour of ginger in their food and drinks.

We were greeted with a cute little palate of ‘Local seasonal greens’ which were simple sautéed veggies in garlic, chilly and olive oil. It was light and a great start to our meal. Next came the appetizing  ‘mutton meatballs’, which were very different from any meat balls I had tasted so far. The meatballs were wrapped in a thick paste of garlic and tomato, with crunchy croutons and layer with Parmesan cheese. This is highly recommended just for its blend of flavours.

Local Seasonal Greens Mutton Meatballs

Then we tried a dish called ‘Fritto Misto’, which was a juicy collection of crispy battered prawns, squids and fish served with tartar sauce. For people who don’t enjoy their fish to be spicy, this is a great recommendation and a nice option for finger food while you wait for your pizza!

Fritto Misto

Our grand moment was the dish we were really looking forward to, the pizza! After two delightful appetizers or expectations were only high, to be honest and we were not disappointed one bit. We decided to go for the ‘Chicken alla diavola’ pizza, which was recommended to us personally by the staff over there. It has roasted chicken, tomatoes, parmesan, a secret chilli sauce and mint. The pizza was super scrumptious, the dough was fresh. we could taste the crunchiness at the corners and the softness in the centre was perfect. It was basically baked to perfection and the chicken was tender and juicy with the mint leaves leaving a fresh after taste with every slice.

Chicken Alla Diavola Pizza

Our grand finale came with the dessert , and we tried their seasonal almond tart, which was divine. A crisp biscuit base, with super soft almond cake embedded with fresh plums wrapped in strawberry jam, this is something you should totally try when you visit this place. Your love for a great pizza is bound to meet its desired end once you dine at Jamie’s Pizzeria!

Seasonal Almond Tart

What : Jamie’s Pizzeria by Jamie Oliver 

Where : Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, New Delhi

Contact : 011- 45647869

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