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Create A Spa At Home With Spa Ceylon

With hectic schedules, there are days in my life when even fixing an appointment and making a visit to the salon for a basic clean-up becomes a task.  And all the running around, pollution, dirt, sweat and stress does take a toll over me and shows it on my skin. On such days I prefer pampering myself at home itself following a basic skin cleansing routine, preferably using organic or homemade products which are chemical free! My Sunday skincare regimen for the face includes cleansing, scrubbing, applying a mask, toning and moisturising; whereas I feel a nice warm water bath using the best body care products leaves me feeling rejuvenated in the comfort of my home, according to my time.

In search of new skincare products for one such weekend, I visited Spa Ceylon’s store which is located on Link Road in Bandra, Mumbai. Spa Ceylon is Srilanka‘s luxurious natural health and product chain which offers a large range of high-end salon products for face care, bath and body, hands and feet, hair care, spa at home, home aromas, gift packs and travel packs.

Spa Ceylon

I was impressed with their range of products which includes Spa Ceylon Sleep Range, Spa Ceylon White Range, Spa Ceylon Tea therapy – Ceylon Tea Range. These are made according to Ayurveda; hence one can choose the products according to their Dosha(body type). After a thorough glance at the products and some guidance by the store assistants, I decided to go for Spa Ceylon White Range (white tuberose)– a mini pack which included a bath & shower gel, hand & body milk, nourishing body oil, a facial scrub and a facial masque.They came packed in a white pouch and the quantity was sufficient to be used four to five times.

On a Sunday I followed my skin care regime at home. After washing my face, I first tried the facial scrub which was smooth in application but coarse in texture; even a gentle massage on the face for two minutes would be sufficient to remove the dirt. This was followed by the masque, which had a clay-like texture followed by toning by dabbing cotton balls soaked in chilled rose water. Pampering myself further, I then used the body shower and moisturised my skin with the body milk. All the products had a strong yet pleasant fragrance of Tuberose which calmed my senses making me feel relaxed. I noticed that just as the product claims, my face did look radiant after the clean-up process, though the feel good factor faded by the end of the day. I also noticed that even a small quantity of the body oil stayed for longer as compared to the body milk of the same range.

Spa Ceylon products are free from preservatives like Paraben, Paraffin, Ethyl alcohol or ethanol and isopropyl alcohol which are essentially used in other beauty products and are 100% Vegetarian. What’s more, Spa Ceylon also promotes Sustainable Harvesting and Support Community Fair Trade.

Our Verdict: These are high-end salon products made with essential oils and no chemicals. I noticed that just as the product claims, my skin did look radiant after the clean-up process using Spa Ceylon White Range which lasted for a couple of hours. Also, the fragrance of the products which is due to the presence of natural essential oil does linger on for a long time making you feel and smell good!

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