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Costa Coffee Launches Frostino In India

Costa Coffee has always been one of my favourite coffee houses in the city.  I love their Cinnamon Latte and Chocolate Muffin. Walking in to the South Extension outlet for a bloggers meet, I was looking forward to reviewing the newly launched Frostino.

Frostino as the name suggests is a perfect for summers as it is cold and creamy milk based iced blended drink.  The International range of Frostino in India has three key flavours – Key Lime Pie(Rs.210), Red Velvet(Rs.210) and Belgian Chocolate Cookie(Rs.220). People who love their drinks to be tangy should opt for Key Lime Pie. If you are the kinds to experiment with your drink then go ahead and get yourself a Red Velvet Frostino and people who love being safe should stick to Belgian Chocolate Cookie. My personal favourite is the latter one. Not because I don’t like experimenting but if you are a chocolate lover then you cannot look beyond this one!

Other flavours available in this range are – White Chocolate and Raspberry(Rs.220), Coffee Cooler(Rs.190), Classic Cold Coffee(Rs.205), Vanilla Cooler(Rs.205) and Roasted Hazel Nut(Rs.205).

Do let me know which one you like the best in the comments section below!


Costa Coffee Belgian Chocolate Cookie Frostino

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