The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room Welcomes You To The World Of Chocolates

The Chocolate Room Cafe is located in CyberTech, Gurugram. It’s a newly opened outlet and hence, the infrastructure of the cafe is not very appealing. It lacked good air-conditioning and the fans weren’t working properly. But, fear not, mates, it will be renovated in no time for you to enjoy everything they have to offer. The atmosphere was warm (pun intended), comforting and cozy. A very good place to catch up with the friend you haven’t talked to in a while. With lots of space, the cafe’s furniture was placed at appropriate distance. We were told that we could order any four dishes or desserts we wanted to try. So, coming down to the food and drinks we tell you how The Chocolate Room welcomed us to the world of chocolates.

1. TCR’s In-House Shake

The Chocolate Room

This chocolate shake is how every chocolate shake should be. It was thick and oh-so-sweet. Unlike many such shakes, the sweetness was not overpowering. The generous dollop of cream on the top of the shake balanced the sweetness of the chocolate, sugar and the brownie. The brownie was really gooey and soft – exactly how it should be. The only drawback was that the shake wasn’t cold enough to chase down the hot weather.

2. TCR’s Sunday Mood Pasta

The Chocolate Room

The cheese in which the pasta was drowned in was amazing. The penne pasta was cooked perfectly. A few of the drawbacks were that the excessive use of oregano gave the pasta dish a bitter aftertaste. And since this was a house-special, I expected more out of it, not the meagre yellow and red chilies the chef had just thrown-in for the pasta dish’s appeal’s sake. Overall, the pasta was very basic but tasted good enough. A little improvisation would definitely make the pasta worth its’ cost.

3. Mexican Tacos

The Chocolate Room

The presentation of the dish was really nice. There were four tacos with two dips. The dips included a salsa, which was very fresh but lacked the spice and sourness which are the signature traits of a typical salsa. The cheesy red pepper dip really won my heart. It was the perfect combination of two kinds of cheese and a dash of pepper. The tacos were loaded with cheese which hid the healthy veggies. The drawbacks of the dish was that the tacos (the highlight of the dish) were very thick and were overcooked, and the cheese with which it was loaded was bland.

4. Marshmallow Waffle

The Chocolate Room

There were two pieces of waffles, and scoops of vanilla ice creams as the “side”. Even though we loved the presentation, it was a little wasteful. We would have liked all that chocolate on our ice-cream instead of the plate. Nonetheless, the waffles were made of coconut based batter, layered with marshmallows and chocolates. Like a perfect dessert, it was extremely indulgent. We loved every bite of it.

  5. Choc-O-Block Pancakes

The Chocolate Room

If you are craving chocolate, you have to have these pancakes. The stack of four beautifully thick and fluffy pancakes are drowned in more chocolate than you can imagine, with cherries on the top. You wouldn’t be doing good to your blood sugar, cholesterol or overall health, but your sweet tooth would definitely thank you for ordering and eating it.

All in all, The Chocolate Room definitely gave us bucket loads of chocolate to gobble. The experience of chilling in this cafe had it’s glitches, but it was an experience to cherish, nonetheless. We are definitely going back for the shake, mates.

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