Casinos: Of The Gambler And The Gambled

The gambled and the gambler are but just two sides of the same coin. Coins you toss around as deciders of your fate by their frivolous moods of turning in your favour or against. Casinos in the world offer precisely some of this excitement and then some, on the platter. The cut is made just right when coins or cards play hard to get and strike on numbers which are close but not really there. The game mystifies and goes on.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Perhaps one of the most iconic names that reckons with one’s earliest memories and recollections of the idea and imagery associated with a casino, Bellagio is a far cry from the mundane in Las Vegas. The fountains are often referred to as par stunning, as a specially designed choreography to the tunes of some Broadway masterpieces gets them swinging. Your initial bet for the evening will be to try and tear yourself away from the wholesome beauty of the property before you head to win some or lose some.

The Venetian, Macao

This is touted to be the largest in the world and is striking for more reasons beyond its gambling bets. The place is a haven for recreation purposes for adults who are on the lookout for the same in Macao. Celebs keep dotting this place, as the chosen spot for a casino night in Asia and sometimes throughout the Asia Pacific region, which is spread at a sprawling 5,50,000 sq.ft. surface area. Think Beyonce, Kobe Bryant among many others, who are spotted here from time to time.


Wynn, Macao

Similar in terms of its look, as much as its potent quotient of memorable offerings of entertainment, the Wynn Macao, is spectacular, a la its twin in Vegas Wynn Las Vegas. There is the recognisable red and beige theme that gets you into the groove of things. Poker rooms in this splendid property are termed “sweet,” owing to female dealers on end, for whom adjectives like attractive are quite an understatement. Roulette, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Blackjack are table games which see a happily engaged crowd. Together with the in-house attraction known as ‘Dragon of Fortune,’ this spot on earth makes for quite a visit.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Believed to contain some of the best poker rooms in the world, this casino also has an exclusive Pussycat Dolls pit. Built traditionally to recreate the city of Rome, all themes around the property revolve around the same theme, right here in Las Vegas. If the pop recognition doesn’t do it for you already, then spot some real figures having a good time around the place. Read – Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Elton John, Rod Stewart, among a host of many others, playing up to the tunes to which you will swing and jive to eventually.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monte Carlo

As the oldest and one of the first major casinos of the world, this one situated in the Place du Casino in Monte Carlo, makes for quite the show with a regal splendour. The place is replete with endless possibilities which do not necessarily have to put an end to your day with the usual “gambled the night away” clause. Read – A special Avatar game, after the phenomenally successful James Cameron directed blockbuster – a first of its kind in all of Europe. The place gives the essence of a brilliant brush of the contemporary on the canvas design of an era gone by. Quite charmingly one of the best casinos in the world this one.

Borgata, Atlantic City

This one is for the serious players, with a game plan, who know what to do, and how they want to play. They swear by the poker tables, and one can see a group of extremely involved players anywhere around this place in New Jersey. Uncommonly so, it also attracts a lot of like-minded spectators who simply relish cheering on a really good game. Their 85 table poker room plays host to poker tournaments on an everyday basis. Such is the spirit of revelry and the rush of a move known extremely well to the mind’s eye.

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Besides being a casino hotel in every sense of its extravagant interiors, the place is also an added attraction, courtesy a Universal Studios theme park and the largest oceanarium that is housed within this property in Singapore. The place is splendid what with its play of aqua themes and the world’s largest candy stores – Candylicious, which are quite a happy distraction, especially when one is losing their bets and money at the gambling table.

Casino Baden Baden, Germany

Classified as a way of life, the location and the place in themselves make the casino a cut above the rest, in manners of style, class and feel. One can get a good sense of the architecture and cultural heritage that the place has imbibed over the years from close quarters in this part of Germany. That classic amalgamation of the European with the American styles on roulette tables here is quite a sight in itself. Once the epitome of European bathing, this spot on earth is quite the place for an enchantingly intoxicating experience. Only happiness follows from there on.

The Casino at The Empire, London

Leicester Square in London is home to this famous casino, which is a massive conglomeration of all kinds of games, offering you diverse opportunities for betting and winning. Make your choice of sport and poison alike and settle down with the idea of simply enjoying yourself right at the heart of London. You will find yourself letting go quite happily and getting submerged in the tickle for the need to simply bet for the fun of it. Haloed by glamour, there are the London Poker Room, Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Pai Gow Tiles, American Roulette and Electronic Gaming and Slots, that await your call.

Atlantis, The Bahamas

Perhaps the largest in the Caribbean, the casino attracts one and all, once in the massive interiors of the property, quite alike its twin – Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. The most intriguing bit about being in this one however, is the part where one merely just steps foot in the casino – the whole place has a hubbub quite akin to a powerhouse in a stock brokers office. The Bahamas simply gets better as a vacation at large, right here in the Caribbean Islands. If you are not rouletting away to glory, then you should head for a special activity called Gaming at the Cove, which allows you to partake in the pleasures of enjoying a good view of the scenery around, while engaging in a few games at the table.

Added to the clause of to bet or not to bet, is the usual question of – to be or not to be. Especially with the element of choice playing its way up to your head and heart at so many levels in some of these popular casinos in the world. Whatever side the coin decides to toss your luck at, it’s always a game worth playing, for the better or worse. As nothing matches life in a microcosm as a casino.

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