A Spooky Encounter At The Addams House

As soon as you hear about the ‘Addams’, the first thing that comes to our mind is the popular American cartoon which was later followed by a TV series and movie. For those of you who don’t know the Addams Family – the plot is based on an eccentric wealthy family who finds humor in horrendous things. They are unaware of the fact that people are frightened by their presence. Standing true to its name The Addams House creates a spooky atmosphere for its patrons.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are virtually greeted by all the members of the family with a huge 3D portrait right at the center of the living room. Adapting further to the theme, you will find vintage furniture, wall hangings and illuminating candles on the walls.

As we began our culinary affair here is the best that we came across and recommend you to try without any hesitation! Begin with ‘three things’ which are deep fried baby corn skewers wrapped in three types of cheese.


Three Things

The Horny Cowboy Pizza (vegetarian) and The Soul Mincer Pizza (Non vegetarian) are thin crust pizza which we loved and weren’t greasy or heavy.

Horny Cowboy Pizza The Soul Mincer

The winner dish and one of my favourites was Pugsley’s Portion which is roasted chicken rubbed with whole spices and harissa creeam and served with spinach mash and casserole vegetables. With a burst of flavours in the mouth, we couldn’t stop praising the preparation.

Pugsley’s Portion

Our meal had the perfect ending with delectable desserts. We tried both the desserts that the menu had starting with Lurch’s Lullaby which was a homemade New York Cheese cake where the base was made from beetroot and topped with brandy sauce. The cheese cake was outstanding! Next we had Grandmama’s Spell which was a Tiramisu with plenty of berries and the cream that added a twist to the coffee flavour.

You now know where you should be headed to for ghostly meal!

What : The Addams House

Where : 1st Floor & Roof, 22 SCO,Sector 29, Gurgaon

Contact : 082873 35066

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