A Broke Girl’s Guide To Celebrating The New Year’s Eve In Pushkar

It’s not a very good feeling to see your bank balance nearing zeros especially when it’s the year end! It gets me wondering what exactly did I do through out the year. I sure did travel a lot but just when I was making plans to bring in the New Years in Thailand, the balance in my bank account showed me another city in India that would fit perfectly in my budget and I wouldn’t have to sulk tucked in my blanket watching the awards show on television. So that’s when I  decided to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Pushkar even when I was broke AF! If you too sail in my boat in future (though I hope that never happens to anybody ever), here is a broke girl’s guide to celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Pushkar.

I scrolled through several AirBnb’s but the hosts turned down the request as it was the peak season and the rooms were full so my last resort was to book OYO Rooms and that’s what I did before I left on a road trip with my friends from Delhi to Pushkar. Me and my friends left from Delhi at 3 am on 31st December 2017 and reached Pushkar at 9 am. It wasn’t a very hectic drive also because during most of the journey I was sleeping! After resting for a couple of hours, we left for the Pushkar Lake where there were numerous ghats and temples.

 Money spent – INR 1350 for two nights stay in OYO Rooms


We found our way to the ghats through several narrow by lanes where there were shops on both sides selling clothes, accessories and a lot of leather accessories. From baggy trousers to parandi for the hair and choker neck pieces made from shells – this is the place to shop if your dressing style is bohemian.

Money spent – INR 150 on the shell choker



The plan for the first day was simple. All we wanted to do was sit by the Pushkar Lake for a while and then spend the rest of the evening by sitting at a cafe enjoying the panoramic views of this quaint town. After making a pit stop at the Sunset Cafe at the Gau Ghat, we walked till we reached the opposite direction and decided to sit at Out of the Blue Restaurant. Even though it was supposed to be the peak season, the cafe was empty. As soon as the clock struck six, on my right I could hear saints chanting and on my left were the sound of bells that were continuously ringing with the chanting. The entire view with the chanting and the was a divine and soothing experience.

Money spent – INR 350 on food 


Since the past five years I’ve ended and started my year at the Gurudwara and since this time I was travelling, I thought of visiting the Gurudwara which was barely a two minute walk from our hotel. On reaching the Gurudwara at 11 pm, we saw that it was shut and was only going to open in the morning so before going back to our hotel, we stopped at one of the falafel stalls and picked up the mushroom, avocado and cheese falafel for dinner. We were carrying our drinks and board games from Delhi and with that our New Year’s Eve was sorted!

Money spent – INR 150 on food

The next day began very late for us as we slept at 6 am so we knew that we won’t be able to explore Pushkar as much as we thought we would. We started the day and the New Year by going to Gurudwara Singh Sabha to seek God’s blessings and begin the year on a happy and positive note. We were then on our way to search for the Pink Floyd Cafe as that is where we wanted to have brunch.


From the Pink Floyd Cafe, we could see panoramic views of the town. So while chomping down a mushroom and olive pizza with cold coffee we just sat at the cafe deciding if we wanted to extend our trip by another day and be able to go to the Brahma Temple, the sunset point, the sunrise point and go on a Camel safari.

Money spent – INR 250 on food


As tempting as the offer was to extend our stay, we had to go back and resume work so dropping the plans of extending we picked our bags and just strolled in the lanes of Pushkar looking at the old and colourful houses. What was surprising was to see small temples at every nook and corner.


We did not have time to do much as it was dark and the shops were beginning to close so we again ended our day by picking up our favourite falafel wraps and playing board games at night.

Money spent – INR 150 on food

The last day was just about grabbing a quick bite at Out of the Blue Restaurant as we wanted to stop at Jaipur to pick the famous onion kachoris from Rawat Restaurant and not be very late to reach Delhi. Even though I was broke on New Year’s Eve, that did not stop me from taking the last trip of the year and for a budget trip it turned out to be pretty good!

Money spent – INR 300 on food (Including kachoris on the way)

INR 3000 on petrol (to and fro) (including toll on the way)

Total money spent on the trip – INR 5700 

Please note – The total cost is divided and the cost mentioned on this post is the final cost for one person on the trip.



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    1. Well, there isn’t much to do in Pushkar apart from sitting at the Ghats. And had you have read the complete story, you would have known that its not just about cafe hopping, duh!

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