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A Beginners Guide To Build Your First Makeup Kit

The very thought of starting to use makeup with different brands,  price points and shades of products available in the market can be overwhelming. With new beauty trends popping up on social media every single day, it’s very easy to get confused with where to begin the journey into the world of makeup. So here is a beginners guide that will help you build your very first makeup kit. We tell you about a few essential products that you need to begin adding to your makeup kit.

1. Invest In A Good BB Or CC Cream

Makeup Kit

Hearing the word ‘Foundation’, we usually picture a face with a cakey looking layer that cannot be worn except on special occasions. For the same reason,  BB or CC creams are ideal for everyday use,  since they help evening out the skin tone and give the face a dewy look,  while still feeling like a moisturiser on the skin. They also, usually,  contain SPF,  which reduces the hassle of putting an extra layer of sunscreen under your makeup.

Recommendation : Garnier Instantly Perfect Skin Perfector BB Cream

MRP : ₹175 ; 30 gms

2. Get Yourself A Smudge Proof Kajal Stick

Makeup Kit

Kajal is one makeup product that’s been used in most Indian households for generations. But with so many options, each one of them making claims to be the darkest and the longest lasting, it’s very easy to get confused between what to get and what not to get. A solid Kajal stick is very important in a makeup collection, since it helps open the eyes up and add a smoky look with one swipe. Also, it can double as an eyeliner, increasing the smokiness.

Recommendation : Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal

MRP : ₹425 ; 1.2 gms


3. Purchase A Mascara To Accentuate Your Lashes

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The eyes are said to be a window to the soul, and that is usually the first thing people notice at first encounter. A mascara will help grab all that attention by making your eyes look alluring by accentuating the eyelashes. A good mascara can be found at the drugstore and helps lengthen the lashes as well as make them voluminous. It is a must in every makeup bag!

Recommendation : Lotus Herbals ColourKick Mascara in Black

MRP : ₹375 ; 10 mil

4. Use A Long Lasting Lip Creme

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Lip Creams are a wonderful hybrid between matte and lustrous lipsticks, as they are neither too drying nor too glossy. They have a soft mousey formula, which is highly pigmented and very comfortable on the lips, making them perfect for everyday use! The best part is that they’re available in all shades of the rainbow!

Recommendation : Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream

MRP : Varies ; 10 Mil


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

MRP : ₹600 ; 10 Mil

5. Change Your Look With A Bold Brow Pencil

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Bold brows are the key to a strong and fierce look without wearing multiple products. They help in framing the face, and luckily, brow pencils help us shape them the way we want to. From filling in bald spots to reshaping them without the threading scare! Brow pencils are the easiest to use, especially for beginners, as the pencil gives it a good grip and makes the product easier to handle!

Recommendation : Maybelline Fashion Brow Shaper

MRP : ₹300 ; 0.5 gms

So ladies, now that you know how to start building your very own makeup collection, be ready to be enchanted by the alluring world of makeup!

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