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9 Street Shopping Markets In Delhi For Fashion Enthusiasts

If you’re travelling to Delhi, you know you’re going back with two extra suitcases because without taking a trip to the street shopping markets in Delhi, your trip is going to be incomplete! The allure of the state lies in its ability uncover in the remotest of corners the most interesting of markets. You can have it all- the hipster, the classy, the sexy and the cool. If it’s trending, it’s in Delhi and if it’s in Delhi, it will become the trend. We have all the high end stores you can think of and more, but our heart still pumps for our dingy, overcrowded markets. Well, you can’t really blame us for that, now can you? We are the canvas and we are the art. If your love for fashion brings you to the capital city then we tell you 9 street shopping markets in Delhi that are apt for you.

sarojini nagar market, shopping markets in delhi
Sarojini Nagar Market

1. Khan Market

Khan Market is a small, U-shaped, well established shopping market in Delhi that’s one of Delhi’s classiest. Bargain hunters are likely to be disappointed at this market. It’s got a loyal following who go there to shop at its branded outlets. One of the best things about this market is its interesting book shops. The market also has some excellent tailors who will make you a suit in less than a week. For Ayurvedic food, medicine and skin care check out Biotique, and Khadi stores here. Hidden away, you’ll find some great lounges to relax in, many with balconies overlooking the street.

2. Sarojini Nagar Market

Sarojini Nagar offers range of fashionable clothes at cheap rates. From apparel to kitchenware, accessories to household items, you will get everything in this market. To get the trendiest of things you can opt for Sarojini Market. But you should have good capability of bargaining within you to get your product at decent prices. Teenagers and people following trends love to shop from this market.

3. Janpath Market

At Janpath you can again go insane shopping for clothes, shoes, bags and a lot of junk jewellery. Small shops on both sides of the lane in Janpath let’s you compare the styles and then bargain with the vendors. You can also pick up bed sheets, cushion covers and other decorative items and souvenirs from this market.

4. Chandni Chowk Market

Chandni Chowk, again one of the top shopping places in Delhi. You can buy items from Chandni Chowk market at very reasonable rates. It is famous for wedding lehengas, semi-precious jewellery, embroidered bags, garments of silk and cotton, and it is the best place for buying books and electronic goods. After shopping, don’t forget to taste some delicious foods from the traditional market of Chandni Chowk.  It is the hub of delicious foods, and one of the most famous places to eat in Delhi.

5. Karol Bagh Market

One of the oldest shopping areas is Karol Bagh. It is popularly known for offering an array of gorgeous bridal wears and traditional Indian garments. Besides, cosmetics, books, shoes, gadgets and electronic items are the things you can grab from the market places. There are some well known shopping places around Karol Bagh like Ajmal Khan Road (known for inexpensive readymade), Ghaffar (popular for imported good), Arya Samajh Road (visited for second hand books) and Bank Street (popular for gold jewellery).

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6. Lajpat Nagar Market

The hectic Lajpat Nagar market provides an interesting glimpse into Indian culture. It’s one of the oldest markets in India and is abuzz with middle class Indian shoppers, all swarming around its roadside stalls and showrooms. One of this market’s main attractions are the Mehendiwalas, who will apply beautiful henna designs on your hands with astonishing speed. You’ll also find reasonably priced Indian kurti tops and salwaar kameez suits here.

7. Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar is an underground air-conditioned market at the centre of Connaught Place in New Delhi. It is famous for cloths, electronic goods, perfumes and wide range of other products are available in this market. Although the products prices are fixed, but you can try your luck at bargaining. You should visit Palika Bazaar once for shopping in Delhi. It is well connected to public transport like metro, buses and taxies, so you can shop there till late night until your feet hurt.

8. Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash has two sections of market known as M-Block and N-Block. The shops of these markets remain crowded for its local shopping outlets, lifestyle stores, cosmetic shops, showrooms and street food-corners. You can shop the best of casual and traditional clothes, jewellery and footwear. It is a nice place to hangout as it houses many pubs, good restaurants and nightclubs.

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9. Paharganj

Some of the best bargain shopping market in Delhi can be found in the crumbling and chaotic Main Bazaar of the Paharganj. Many of the shops in Paharganj also deal in wholesale and export to foreign countries, making it a good place to come and hunt out unique and inexpensive goods to take back home.

If you happen to visit any of these markets after reading this post then please don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section below. I’d love to know what all you shopped and from where.

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