7 Things Women Obsess About

Being a woman myself, I know how fussy we all can get at times. Okay fine, I would be lying when I say ‘at times’ but yes most of the times. We want our things to be kept in a certain way, our tresses to behave themselves and stay in place, our pictures to come out perfect so that we don’t have to spend time on Photoshop and well the list is endless. Here is a list of top 7 things that we are obsessed about amongst many others.

1. Weight Issue Is Always A Big Issue


We want to eat pizza, burgers and chocolates and still crib about putting on weight. No matter how many times we hit the gym in a month, we still think that we need to lose more weight.

2. We Never Have Enough Clothes To Wear


Despite having two to three cupboards stacked with clothes we will never have that perfect dress that we want to wear for a party. More is less for us and hence shopping is more of a need than a want!

3. We Love Our Brands And Stick To Them


We know which brands work the best for our body, face and hair. We do experiment with new products but we also stay loyal to the brands that do wonders for us. We know exactly which eyeliner, lipstick and mascara we want and we won’t compromise on that.

4. One Question That Preoccupies Our Mind All The Time  

This is one question that we will ask everyone for the rest of our lives! Before leaving the house, we will keep standing in front of the mirror till the time someone (read: mom shouts and asks us to leave the house) tells us “You look great”.

5. Selfie Obsessed

Yes, we love pictures and love the person who introduced us to the world of selfies! It is mandatory to click pictures till the time we get that one picture in which we look good.

6. Being Single Or In A Relationship

For us the grass is always greener on the other side. When we are single we want to be in a relationship and when we are in a relationship, we miss being single!  This kind of obsession is strange because we are obsessed with the things that we don’t have.

7. What Does He Or She Think About Me?

This is something that preoccupies our mind all the time. We are constantly thinking about the people around us who are judging us all the time.

What we often forget is that our thinking makes us who we really are and if you think that the world is judging you otherwise then you it’s time to turn a blind eye and continue being awesome!






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