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6 Women Fragrances You Need To Splurge On This Summer

Smelling great is one prime need for the summers and wearing a good perfume is essential to help you stay and smell fresh. However, selecting the perfect perfume can be quite a task since the market is flooded with options. Perfumes are of five types and before buying one, you need to know which one to go for.

The first type is Extrait De Parfum which is the most expensive of all types and the smell lasts longer than you can imagine. Other types are Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Cologne and Eau Fraiche. Eau De Parfum is the most common variety of perfumes out there; this one has the least concentration of fragrance. Eau De Toilette is a lot more used and preferred in daily life since this is easily available, and is also not very expensive. The reason people pick this up is also because it is fresher, lighter and it focuses more on the top notes. You will find that Eau De Cologne perfumes are usually packed in bigger bottles as compared to the other varieties. This type is not very long lasting and one has to always carry it in the bag for reuse. Eau Fraiche is mostly water with very low level of fragrance mixed in it. This scent is affordable but will not last at all. Since now you would know which type you would prefer, we tell you some of the best perfumes currently available in the market that will make summer feel like a breeze and help you in your perfume shopping.

1. Pleasures By Estee Lauder

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This perfume was launched back in 1995 but still trends to be a favorite amongst women. It is perfectly suited to uplift your mood, as boost your confidence. It has a long-lasting fragrance and the fragrance has a mix of violets, lilies, peonies and roses, along with fragrant woods and exotic blossoms. It’s best suitable for the day time and you can get this for INR 2786.

2. Poison Girl By Dior

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‘Poison Girl’ is the fragrance for today’s woman. It has a bitter-sweet floral scent with a hint of orange mixed with Venezuelan Tonka Bean and blossoms in Grasse Rose. It’s a lovely pink color and perfect for the woman who wants to slay. A 100 ml bottle of this perfume will cost you around INR 13,860. It is expensive indeed, but then so is your attitude, right?

3. Signorina Eleganza By Salvatore Ferragamo (EDP)

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Salvatore Ferragamo has been defining elegance since forever. This luxurious fragrance is a cocktail of feminine grace and seduction. The fragrance notes of this perfume consist of grapefruit, pear, along with almond powder and golden osmanthus petals. The packaging is in a nude beige palette. This one celebrates sophistication and modernity like no other fragrance can and will set you back by a whopping INR 17018, if you decide to indulge in it.

4. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

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This perfume gives you the perfect blend of aquatic notes with fruity notes of Muscat grapes from Pantelleria, which have been successfully harmonized with the notes of pineapple which lends it a citrusy scent. It has a warm, woody base note, reminding you of the Mediterranean warm temperament. The fresh scent bears the signature of water rooted in the Earth along with the sweet tinge of floral fragrance. It comes at a price of INR 6500.

5. Coco By Chanel (EDP) 

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This perfume is an oriental, spicy fragrance for women and consists of a hint of coriander, mandarin orange, peach, jasmine and Bulgarian rose. This is blended with mimosa, cloves, orange blossom, clover and rose. The base notes are amber, sandalwood, Tonka bean. It has a mysterious, provocative and oriental scent that gradually reveals its contrasting notes. Smells like a delicious wine already, right!? This one has a price label of INR 5525.

6. Velvet Orchid Lumiere By Tom Ford

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It has an ultra-feminine signature scent. It is a floral-oriental composition with gourmand accents. Its opening notes are a blend of Italian bergamot, mandarin, honey and rum. This also has a blend of the notes of rose, orchid and jasmine, which form a cocktail with notes of sandalwood, vanilla and myrrh. The price varies with currency exchange rates, between INR 8340- INR 11,676.

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