6 Reasons Why May Is The Best Month To Be In Morocco

Morocco is one of Africa’s most preferred tourist destinations and also the most beautiful during spring season which starts from mid March and goes on till May. The country has a lot on offer with the stunning coast on one side and desert on the other. If you are looking for a destination that has adventure tours adorned with culture, history and wilderness then Morocco is a destination that should top your travel list. It is one of the most fascinating countries with majestic palaces, interesting museums, flavorsome food and hospitable people to welcome you. Giving you more insights to this majestic country, we tell you why May is the best month to be in Morocco.


best month to be in morocco

1. The Magnificent Cities

Marrakesh is filled with medinas which are the local shopping centers and small alleyways. It is a city that lives not just through the day, but at night as well and that is when the city becomes even more beautiful. Three other important imperial cities of Morocco are Fez, Rabat and Meknes. They provide visual beauties that give us a glimpse of the cultural history of Morocco.  These cities have palaces, churches, mosques and museums. El Bahia Palace in Marrakesh is one of the greatest palaces of all times with its beautiful architectural details and lush green gardens.

 2. The Landscapes

The Rif Mountains, High Atlas Mountains, Middle Atlas Mountains and Anti-Atlas Mountains are a paradise for trekkers and travel enthusiasts. The Rif Mountains are covered with forests and caves and is located in the northern portion of Morocco. Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa and is situated in Morocco. The Middle and Anti-Atlas Mountains offer a quiet and serene experience amidst the nature.

 3. Staying In Riads

Riads are traditional houses or palaces with internal gardens in Morocco. They are a treat to the eyes and now what is even more fascinating is the fact that Riads have been made into hotels which attract tourists from all over the world. They are cheaper than normal hotels. One can take a glance at the splendid architectural works that can be seen in a Grand Riad.  You can expect good food, excellent service to tourists and also a magical environment to give you memories of a lifetime.

 4. The Deserts

The Sahara Desert is in the south of the Anti-Atlas Mountains and it is one of the main reasons to visit Morocco. The desert occupies a larger part of the Moroccan land. It is possible to see the highest dunes in Merzouga here. A camel tour is a must through these desert lands. The Sahara Desert can also be explored via a 4×4 tour which will take you over the sandy roads of the desert villages. The camel rides on the other hand are the leisurely trips through the deserts experiencing the and noticing little details around you. Another great thing to do is camp in the desert where you can wake up to the beauty of desert sunrise.

5. Shopping

The most popular cities to shop in the country are Fez, Casablanca and Tangier. A satisfying shopping in the medinas of Morocco can be beaten by nothing else. Colorful slippers and pottery, spices and jewelry pieces, intricate silk embroidery, leather bags and Berber carpets are the things that you can take back as souvenirs from Morocco. It can be a real challenge for women to walk through the Medinas without stopping at these shops to pick stuff. Hundreds of items such as handmade items being an eye-catcher are the musts in your shopping list.

 6. Exotic Food

Moroccan food is an experience to cherish. The spices available in Morocco are what make the cuisine rich and delicious. Tajine is a method of slow cooking where the ingredients are placed in an earthen pot. Moroccan dishes like stews and couscous are prepared with locally raised fish, chicken or lamb. Meals are often served with mint tea. Binge eating on local pastries should be on your list in Morocco as the taste of the pastries can vary from place to place.

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