6 Reasons To Visit Gujarat During Uttarayan

With clear skies and a nip in the air, every year Gujarat welcomes the International Kite Flying Festival in January which is commonly known as Uttarayan.  Celebrating the change in season from winters to summers, enthusiasts are seen flying with their loved ones on their rooftop from morning till evening.  Uttarayan is hosted at the Sabarmati River Front in Ahmadabad, starting from January 10 till January 14 and here is why you need to visit Gujarat during this time.

1. Festive Cheer With A Burst Of Colours Up In The Sky

This is the only time when your view of the clear blue sky would be disrupted with hues of pink, red, yellow and orange colours of the kites.  Expect truck loads of happiness around you as the entire state will be celebrating the onset of the harvest season.

2. Unmatchable Energy At The Ground

The incredible spirit of kite flyers at this event would make you want to try your hands at kite flying. With loud and groovy music playing at the background and crowd cheering the kite flyers as soon as the kite goes up in the air, the energy at the kite flying ground is unmatchable to any other festival!

3. Kite Enthusiasts Selecting Their Favourite Kites At 2 Am

The local kite market near Delhi Durbar is open till late hours of the day. Here you will find kites in different shapes and sizes where one set of kites which comprises 5 kites is priced between Rs.40 and goes up till Rs.200.  Adults and children both are seen choosing their favourite kites and taking home bundles of kites to enjoy the festival.


4. Dance On The Tunes Of Traditional Music

Uttarayan is celebrated in a grand way in Gujarat where the messages of joy and gratitude are expressed by welcoming the participants and the crowd in general with dance and music performances. While the mornings display the best of kite flying, the evenings have entertainment galore with musical performances by prominent singers.

5. Gorge On The Local Delicacies

Gujarati’s love their food! So while you are at the festival, head to the food court to try the local food such as Dhokla, Undhiyo and Khaman. You can also pick local handicrafts such as showpieces, wall hangings and artificial jewelry from the crafts bazaar at the venue.

6. This Gorgeous View Of Sabarmati Riverfront

Adding to the natural beauty of the river, Sabarmati Riverfront is lit with shades of orange, green and blue depicting India’s national flag. Stroll on the river bank with your loved ones or simply sit on the side enjoying the view.

What: Uttarayan – The International Kite Festival

Where: Ahmadabad, Gujarat

When : 10-14 January

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