6 Life Saving Hacks For Travelling Solo

6 Life Saving Hacks For Travelling Solo

Solo travelling is perfect for people who crave seeing new places, experience different cultures and sentiments at their own pace. It is not just about travelling alone. Travelling solo is also about freeing yourself from your inhibitions, learning new things and getting answers to all your confusions in life. Travelling alone comes with its own complications and concerns. From personal safety in an unknown land, to being able to experience the land in its entirety, here are a few hacks that will ensure travelling solo is safe for you.

6 Life Saving Hacks For Travelling Solo

1. Plan Your Trip Beforehand

Solo travel can be intimidating. A lot of times this is because of the fear of the unknown. Planning the trip before hand is crucial for every solo traveler. With proper planning you can reduce the fear of not finding good hotels or hostel options. Know the places you want to visit and bring clarity and comfort to yourself as well as your loved ones who will be worried for you once you begin your trip alone.

2. Familiarise Yourself With The Local Culture And Etiquettes

Before travelling to a new location especially a foreign country it is essential to familiarise yourself with basic cultural cues of that area. Learning basic phrases that are frequently used in the area will definitely help you stay safe. Knowing what to expect in public areas and restaurants, like dressing appropriately, will also help avoid rage or embarrassment.

3. Learn How To Always Pack Light

Travelling solo is usually opted for because of the freedom it offers, but this freedom can be reduced greatly by the thought of waiting for long baggage lines and lugging a huge suitcase everywhere you go! Pack light – either a suitcase that fits the carry on size or a backpack will help reduce the time spent taking care of it or dragging it from one place to another. Once you pack light, you will be able to travel without any hassle and be free in the real sense.

4. Search For Places And Groups That Cater To Solo Travellers

Solo travelling is also embarked upon by people looking to meet and interact with new people. If you are looking to meet new people when you are travelling then agencies like Contiki helps solo travellers from various corners of the world to come together in groups to go on a trip. Another great way of meeting new people is by staying in hostels.

 5. Interact with the locals

Interacting with locals of a country or place is crucial to understand the culture and way of life of a particular area. Knowing how people thrive in a particular area is an essential part of travelling and interacting with locals helps integrate them into your conscious thinking system.

6. Always Stay Alert And Safe

Our parents often tell us to not talk to strangers or don’t accept food or drinks from them but we often tend to ignore this advice. They say it for a reason and that is why you need to listen to this advice. There will be people who will try being over friendly with you. Take that as a signal and move to a public place or somewhere you feel you would be safe. Do not out rightly run for your life. Be polite to the stranger and make some excuse to escape that situation.

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