6 Places Every Foodie Must Visit In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is heaven for food lovers, especially vegetarians. Here, meals are pursued with dedication and fervor, almost like worship. Foodies, you will finally meet your match here. While attending The International Kite Festival 2017 in Ahmedabad, I had the chance to wander out and food hop across the city. Here are six places every bukkad has to try out when visiting the city.

Street Food Recommendation: Manek Chowk 

manek chowk

At night when everyone shuts shop, that is when Manek Chowk morphs into a night-time food market open till at least 2am. Here, you’ll find entire families eating like it is their mission in life – chocolate sandwiches, paav bhaaji, dosas, chaats, you’ll find it all here and in hearty quantity. While the food here isn’t exceptional, it is an experience worth taking part in, at least as an observer.

Cafe Recommendation – Prithvi 

prithvi cafe prithvicafe

A small but decent book collection, lots of outdoor space, decent food options and an overall upbeat vibe, Prithvi is the perfect cafe to read, write and contemplate and also to head to with friends. The garlic butter fries here are absolutely addictive.

Offbeat Cafe Recommendations – Karma Cafe and Seva Cafe

karma cafe Karma Cafe Karma Cafe karma cafe Karma Cafe seva cafe Seva Cafe

Both of these cafes are unique in its offerings and setup; while Karma Cafe has a lovely gallery adjacent to it and a simple, yet delicious menu, Seva Cafe’s method of running through a system where you decide what to pay for meals is fascinating. And, both of these cafes have an amazing team that is cheerful and helpful.

Thaali Recommendation – Agashiye – The House of MG 


Not only is The House of MG gorgeous, the food at Agashiye will make you feel content to a point of ecstasy. The thaalis might be a bit pricey, but it is worth it. From chaats and sarbats to sabzis and jalebis, this place is one big foodgasm in the making.

Local Snack Shop Recommendation – Oshwal


No trip to Gujarat is complete without some jalebi and fafda, and Oshwal is ‘the’ place to sit down and munch on these goodies. While I don’t usually like sweetened kadi, somehow the kadi served with the fafda here tasted brilliant.

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