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5 Things You Should Know Before You Contour Your Face

From runways to the high street, chiseled cheeks can be spotted everywhere! Contouring is relatively new to the beauty world,  but looking at its popularity it seems like the bronze and sharp cheekbones are here to stay. Contouring your face is no rocket science but before you get yourself a contouring kit, we tell you five things you should should know about contouring.

contouring face

1.Understanding The Difference Between A Contour Power And A Bronzer

A contour powder is a cool toned product created to help mimic the colour of natural shadows of the face. A bronzer is a warm toned product that is used to make the face look sun-kissed. A bronzer can be used to contour the face, but if not used sparingly it can lead to mudding that looks like a bloch on the face.

2. Choosing The Correct Shade

With skin undertones ranging from yellow, blue and red it is essential to look for bronzers or contour powders that match your undertones, as well as your skin tone. Horror stories of bronzers looking extremely orange or not showing up in the first place can be avoided by choosing the correct shade.

 3. The Easy ‘3’

Remember to use the three techniques while contouring. These are the most widely used methods to contour your face because it shows exactly where the shadow naturally forms on your face, giving the couture a natural look. The “3” starts from the forehead, going to under the cheekbones and ending at the jawline. It is a perfect guide for anyone who is just beginning to contour.

4. Blend A Little More!

Slapping on some bronzer and it being a harsh line on your face can be a nightmare! Here is where the blending comes in. Using a contour brush in a back and forth motion that helps blend the product to imitate natural shadows. Blending the bronzer downwards towards your neck helps create an even colour on the face.

5. Contour The Correct Way

The ideal areas to contour are where the sunlight hits yours face. These areas are – the nose, the forehead, on the cheekbones and the jawline. A commonly made mistake is overdoing the contour by either using a very heavy hand or using too much product.  Contouring looks best when its soft and gives the skin a sun-kissed glow.

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