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5 Signs That Indicate You Need to Move On

Moving on is as easy or difficult as you make it out to be. The process of healing from a broken relationship is painful, to say the least. It can be like ripping off a bandage for some or like fading out for others. What’s common is that for a little while, you feel a little less whole. It’s okay. The most important thing to remember is that it’s okay. The sun will rise and the waves crashing against the shore will someday take away your pain. But you can’t wait around forever for the high tides. You need to learn how to unlearn loving someone without turning bitter towards them or to the idea of love. Make your sad playlists and cry your eyes out, but don’t be cruel to yourself and know that now is the time to move on.

Move on
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The question that lingers after most break-ups is how do you know when you need to move on? While it’s morally ambiguous to tell you when is the right time, it needs to be said. You might chance upon this article when you need a jumpstart for your journey of recovery. So, mentioned below are indicators for when you need to let go off your ex-significant other.

1. You Feel Fatigued And Famished All The Time

Chances are that you’ve stopped taking care of yourself. You haven’t slept well in a long time and have stopped taking responsibility of your meals. People around you must be sugarcoating it for you, but you probably look like a ghost of your own self. No matter how painful life gets, you have to get up, feed yourself and sleep for a little while. The pain can wither only if you work every day for it to wither. So if you’ve stopped doing the basic tasks required for your survival, you need to move on.

2. Your Friends And Family Have Stopped Comforting You

Even though it’s quite sad that people don’t want to help you endure your sadness for too long, it’s actually healthy. The people who love us try their level best to bring us out of our darkness and they don’t stop unless they feel that it’s a hopeless cause. Do not become that hopeless cause. When people look away as you mention your ex-significant other’s name, don’t rush for tissues when you burst into tears or stop being careful with their words around you, you need to move on.

3. Your Performance At Work Is Consistently Declining

This is a major sign because a bad work performance can lead to prolonged devastation. The stakes are higher. You can lose much more than just emotional stability. If you can see that your superiors are about to reach their saturation point, you need to move on. By the virtue of being human, most people understand the impact of a break up and hence they provide waivers for your poor inputs for the company’s projects. But these waivers don’t last too long. You have to see the window and when you know that the time has come, you need to get back out there.

4. Your Social Life Is Nearing Its Self-Destruction

Humans are social animals. Like it or not, we need people. Now, it’s completely okay to be socially withdrawn for some time but outrightly pushing everyone out of your life will by no means help. If you’ve lashed out at one too many people, one too many times and they are finding it difficult to maintain their relationship with you, you need to move on. You can’t treat people like they mean nothing and then expect to find a shoulder to cry on. It’s absolutely imperative that you start repairing your social life. That’s a pretty good start for the process of moving on. If you do it in time, those people will ruffle your hair, embrace you and ask you how you are. If you don’t, you lose more people than you are equipped to deal with.

5. You Lose Purpose

This is a screaming red flag. As soon as you find it hard to tell yourself why you got up in the morning, you have to seek help. Talk. Get it out of your system. Take a long walk. Read your comfort book. Go out with the people you love. Host a party. Because if even once you feel that it’s useless to wake up, there’s a large void waiting to engulf you in its darkness. The moment you feel that you are tinkering with the thought of not having a purpose or the will to go on, you need to move on. There’s always a purpose, a reason – you just have to find it for yourself. Losing a love that wasn’t meant for you shouldn’t make you think that your life no longer has meaning. Ask the people who love you, they’ll give you 50 such reasons in a single breath.

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