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5 Must Experience Nightlife Destinations In Goa 

Goa is one place everyone has to visit in India, and chances are if you’ve visited Goa once, you’ll want to keep coming back. Beautiful beaches. Starry nights. Fantastic shacks. Beautiful architecture. Casinos. Dirt-cheap alcohol. Happy vibes. Chilled-out people. The list of reasons why Goa is the perfect getaway spot is never-ending. Goa is certainly known for having one of the most happening nightlife scenes in the country. And while you are here we give you a guide to navigate Goa’s nightlife like a boss.

1. Life Is a Gamble

Goa is known for its casinos, so this is the first thing you need to check off your list. Head on down to Deltin Royale to experience luxury gaming that you will never forget; nearly 40,000 square feet of gaming spread across three levels will leave you spellbound! And, if that isn’t enough to amaze you, their live entertainment options, which includes bands, stand-up comedy and international dance acts, certainly will.

Nightlife destinations in goa

2. Breezy Beach Shacks

Goa has some of the finest beaches in India, so a night spent at the beachside shack-hopping is a must. Definitely visit Curlies by the end of the night to party; we are sure you’ll end up staying their ’till breakfast to see the sunrise, too.

Nightlife destinations in goa

3. Party Like An Animal 

There are plenty of clubs spread across Goa with great music spinning, including the famous Club Tito’s. But, my recommendation is to head straight to the very spacious and beautiful Club Cabana. You’ll love the outdoor pool area and neon lighting here. You should also make it a point to experience a Silent Noise party in South Goa near Palolem Beach.

Nightlife destinations in goa

4. Shop Through The Night 

If any of your friends have visited Goa, they probably mentioned the happening night flea markets that happen around town. If you like to shop while live music serenades you in the background, then Arpora Saturday Night Flea Market is your cup of tea.

Nightlife destinations in goa

5.  Cruise Away

If you love being surrounded by water, which I’m guessing you probably do if you’re in Goa, then you are bound to love the party cruises that take off from Mandovi River in Panjim. Partying aboard a cruise ship is one of the perfect ways to set sail to your Goa nightlife experience.

Nightlife destinations in goa

Whether you love shopping, gambling, drinking and partying or simply being on the sand near the waves, Goa offers you a little bit of everything to make your vacation experience an unforgettable one.


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